Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, May 26, 2024

And the Top Paying AI Job Is… 


If your Monday through Friday gig is working as a prompt engineer, then congratulations: You are among the highest paid AI professionals in the world at the moment. That’s according to new research from EPCGroup that looked into the job openings and pay for people working in AI.

According to EPCGroup’s study, prompt engineers, who are experts at automating the crafting of prompts that are fed into GenAI models such as ChatGPT and Llama2, earn an average of $300,000 per year. There are more than 2,100 vacancies for prompt engineers at the moment according to EPCGroup, which analyzed job data on Glassdoor as well as data from Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to come up with its list of top 10 in-demand AI jobs.

In terms of positions with the highest demand, the number one job is AI research scientist. According to EPCGroup, there are currently 17,940 open jobs for AI research scientists, a 42% increase from a year ago. AI research scientists earn an average salary of $132,000, the company says.

The second most in-demand job in AI is machine learning engineer, which had about 6,800 available vacancies on Glassdoor, EPCGroup says. The average yearly salary for this job is $160,000.

Another job title that’s getting traction is AI engineer, which landed in the number three spot on EPCGroup’s list, with 4,300 available jobs. AI engineers, who help build AI systems, earn on average about $105,000, the company says.

Another job experiencing growth is big data engineer, for which there were about 3,300 job openings on Glassdoor, an uptick of 14% compared to last year. Big data engineers, who are tasked with ensuring data is well managed and ready for analysis and training AI models, earn an annual salary of about $180,000.

If you’re looking for a way into the lucrative AI business, you might consider becoming a human integration specialist. There were nearly 2,300 available human integration specialist jobs, but only 400 people were actively looking for the position, which pays on average about $91,000 per year, EPCGroup says.

AI developers are also in demand, with more than 2,000 open positions, a 7% increase from a year ago. AI developers earn on average about $130,000 per year, the company says.

If you can get by on “just” $80,000 per year, you might consider a job for an API integration expert (assuming you have the right skills, of course). There were nearly 1,600 job openings for API integration experts, but only 20 people were actively seeking such jobs, EPCGroup says.

NLP engineers also broke the top 10 of most in-demand AI jobs with 820 vacancies and an average annual salary of $109,000. EPCGroup says nearly 1,400 people are interested in pursuing this career in AI.

Last but not least is the AI product manager, who is wanted at about 520 organizations around the country. AI product managers make about $135,000 per year, EPCGroup says, and there are currently about 7,000 people following this career path.

About the author: Alex Woodie

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