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Nyriad Launches UltraIO-as-a-Service: Simplified On-Prem Storage for the Modern Enterprise 

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 18, 2023 -- Nyriad Inc., a pioneer of the world’s first-and-only GPU-accelerated storage system delivering excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and resilience, today announced the launch of UltraIO-as-a-Service, an on-premise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering tailored to meet the ever-increasing data management demands of modern enterprises.

Enterprises today face a myriad of hurdles, including capital budget constraints, rapid and unpredictable data growth, gaps in IT talent, operational complexity and ever-stringent sustainability mandates. Nyriad’s UltraIO-as-a-Service offering comprehensively addresses these challenges with flexible, simple-to-use STaaS options.

Nyriad’s UltraIO-as-a-Service user experience is defined by its simplicity, requiring only three key decisions: Contract Term, Data Services and Reserve Commitment. From there, Nyriad and its value-added reseller partners handle implementation and ongoing 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, alerting and customer support.

UltraIO-as-a-Service Features

The Nyriad UltraIO-as-a-Service STaaS offering focuses on three core customer-friendly tenets: Capacity Flexibility, Billing Simplicity and Operational Simplicity.

  • Capacity Flexibility:
    • Real-time flexibility to increase the Reserve Capacity throughout the term as business needs evolve, allowing the business to capitalize on lower Reserve Rates.
    • Allows customers to scale the Reserve Capacity back down within the term as long as it remains above the initial contracted amount.
    • Delivers an On-demand Capacity amount equal to or greater than the Reserve Capacity, allowing customers to rapidly deploy new workloads and offerings without requiring new contracts or additional capacity deployments.
  • Billing Simplicity:
    • Comprehensive reporting ensures visibility into storage consumption and system usage.
    • Eliminates billing surprises. The monthly On-Demand price per GB is the same as the Reserve Pricing – there are no premiums or overage charges for using the burst capacity.
    • Billing is based on the capacity used, eliminating the complexity associated with charging for allocated capacity or effective use based on data reduction.
  • Operational Simplicity:
    • Easily integrates with an ecosystem of third-party file systems and software solutions.
    • Delivers round-the-clock proactive support with service-level agreements (SLAs).
    • Allows customers to subscribe to a single storage system for block, file and object data types – eliminating the cost and operational complexity of multiple storage solutions.

The UltraIO-as-a-Service is built on top of the UltraIO storage system, which delivers a powerful combination of consistent performance, fail-safe data availability and true management simplicity. Architected with a combination of GPUs and CPUs and leveraging advanced erasure coding techniques, the system leverages higher-capacity drives to deliver a high efficiency ratio of usable to raw capacity, up to 92 percent, at a low total cost of ownership. UltraIO can reduce the time required to complete complex projects by up to 35 percent and supports sustainability initiatives by reducing the carbon footprint by two-thirds compared to similarly sized RAID-based storage arrays from other vendors.

Nyriad's introduction of UltraIO-as-a-Service comes at a pivotal moment for the global enterprise storage landscape. According to IDC's IT Infrastructure for Storage and Data Management Survey (#US50532023, March 2023), the adoption of Storage as a Service (STaaS) is no longer a mere option but a strategic imperative for organizations aiming to remain competitive.

“Storage-as-a-Service models have changed the way companies of all sizes across industries consume storage to speed deployment, deploy burst capacity-on-demand and manage operational complexity, among other reasons,” said Dave Pearson, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies Group, IDC. “As the models evolve and businesses become more accustomed to consuming storage as a service, customers are now scrutinizing service models more stringently to ensure they fully understand the nuances of each offering and don't run into any surprises. With Nyriad's introduction of their UltraIO-as-a-Service storage model, Nyriad looks to have provided a simple to understand and flexible offering for their partners and customers alike."

"We spent considerable time listening to our customers and partners to understand which features of existing storage-as-a-service offerings deliver real value to their customers,” said Andrew Russell, Chief Revenue Officer, Nyriad, Inc. "Armed with that intelligence, we are confident UltraIO-as-a-Service positions our partners to offer their end customers an easy-to-understand, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-consume storage solution that meets their technology, business, and budgetary requirements.”

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UltraIO-as-a-Service is available today. It currently supports block data types and leverages third-party solutions for file and object capability. It will be offered with native file and object data services in the near future. Customers can conduct a proof of concept of the UltraIO-as-a-Service solution with their workloads to experience its simplicity and how well it will perform in their specific environment.

About Nyriad

Nyriad offers the world’s first GPU-accelerated storage system, unleashing the power and speed of GPUs to accelerate business outcomes with a unique combination of high performance, resilience, and simplicity. The Nyriad UltraIO™ storage system delivers consistent performance, protects business-critical workloads with fail-safe data availability, and provides true operational simplicity to organizations that rely on applications such as media and imaging, backup and recovery, high-performance computing (HPC), and active archiving. The UltraIO storage system supports sustainability initiatives by reducing energy costs and consumption by up to 60% annually and releasing ⅓ the carbon emissions compared to similarly sized RAID-based alternatives. Nyriad delivers storage that is simple to understand, buy, deploy, use, and manage, giving organizations the agility to accelerate the innovations needed to solve the world’s most critical challenges.

Source: Nyriad