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Palantir and C&A Collaborate to Reinvent Retail Inventory Management with AI-Powered System 

DENVER, May 24, 2023 -- Palantir Technologies Inc., a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, and C&A Modas S.A ("C&A"), one of the largest retail chains in the fashion world, announced the development of an Integrated Management Flow system using the Palantir Foundry platform. The software helps increase C&A's ability to reinforce assertiveness and speed of inventory through alerts regarding restocking products in their portfolio of best-selling pieces, optimizing the company's supply chain.

"We are the first Brazilian fashion retail brand to rely on this artificial intelligence technology. The flow developed allowed us to optimize and speed up the entire purchase process: from the initial planning, to sending the products to the stores. Among the significant gains, I'd highlight the increase of sales of products that were in stock and the reduction of unnecessary overstock," said Bruno Ferreira, Planning and Business Intelligence Director for C&A Brazil.

Over the course of three months, Palantir implemented the entire flow of ingestion, processing and generating purchase recommendations for all best-selling products, including new models. The Foundry software reconciled numerous variables that influenced long-term inventory planning, sales seasonality, product performance variations, financial criteria, and other factors. Through this process, C&A identified several opportunities to improve inventory management of its best sellers.

"We formed a Digital Twin of the company's logistics chain, giving the planning teams not only a complete view of the purchasing process, but also the power to quickly simulate new rules and scenarios, and thus prevent extreme situations," explains Henrique Valer, Head of Palantir LatAm.

Palantir's software is the backbone of critical supply chains across the globe. Foundry — a platform for AI-powered operations — supercharges existing technology investments to bridge siloed planning and execution processes, optimize inventory management, and help build supply chain resilience for economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

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