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NTT Releases Network OS Beluganos 

TOKYO, March 28, 2023 -- NTT Corporation (NTT) has developed a network OS compatible with white-box devices, and NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT) will commercialize it through the release of their software Beluganos, an in-house produced network OS for carriers on March 31. In addition to improving performance, NTT and NTT-AT will boost flexibility and economic efficiency through their product construction.

In recent years, due to the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) and faster networks such as 5G, societies are rapidly transforming to be data-driven, meaning that data determines analysis and actions. The NTT Group is responding to these social trends by utilizing innovative technologies centered on optics to address the expected increase in data volume and future power consumption.

As a high-speed network and information processing infrastructure enabling large-capacity communication and ultra-low power consumption, the IOWN concept proposed by the NTT Group is fundamental to these endeavors. On March 16, 2023, NTT Group companies launched the first IOWN service, the All-Photonics Network (APN) IOWN1.0 service. By continuing to develop the IOWN services, NTT Group companies, including NTT-AT, plan to provide low-power consumption servers utilizing their newly developed photonic-electronic convergence devices. From the launch of IOWN 2.0 onwards, NTT will apply these photonic-electronic devices not only to networks but to the entire world of computing. Recently, they have begun releasing IOWN services and products at an early stage to create new value with partners, with the commercial provision of Beluganos marking the following initiative.

Today's networks often rely on network equipment that integrates hardware and software. This setup reduces investment efficiency, as customers can only select from a limited product lineup provided by vendors. NTT’s innovative solutions make these restrictions a thing of the past.

Beluganos is a network OS compatible with white-box equipment and based on the technology that NTT has researched and developed so far in collaboration with IP Infusion, a global partner that also participates in the IOWN Global Forum.

Following verification of the network’s high reliability, NTT Communications decided to introduce Beluganos into their commercial network infrastructure in combination with white box equipment to support their network services. Operation of the service will commence on March 31, 2023. From then on, NTT-AT will provide sales and support for the Beluganos service.

Beluganos utilizes a white-box device to separate hardware and software, making it possible to select any hardware flexibly, improving investment efficiency compared to conventional network equipment that integrates hardware and software, and achieving a 20% reduction in TCO compared to dedicated devices. In addition, Beluganos features enhanced maintenance, operation, and monitoring functions necessary for quick response to network failures, resulting in improved operational quality for customers of telecommunications carriers and data center operators.

Future Plans

Through the use of white-box equipment and co-creation with partners, the NTT Group promotes open innovation and works to transform its own networks and upgrade the networks of its customers.

By strengthening the DevOps system through development, in-house operation, and sales and support, NTT will undertake continuous development and continuously upgrade Beluganos. Furthermore, they will continue to work with global partners to develop and socially implement IOWN services and products in order to provide low power consumption servers equipped with future photonic-electronic convergence devices.

Source: NTT