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Civo Launches New PaaS Offering 

STEVENAGE, England, Feb. 7, 2023 -- Civo today announced the launch of “Platform” - its new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. Run on Kubernetes, Civo Platform offers developers an affordable, flexible and scalable framework for running and developing applications in the cloud. It will be showcased to the tech community for the first time today at Civo Navigate – Civo’s first US tech conference, held in Tampa, Florida.

Civo Platform is a major new offering for Civo to support the needs of today’s developer. It is built with simplicity in mind allowing developers to easily deploy a highly scalable and secure infrastructure with just a few simple steps. Civo built the offering to fully integrate into a firm’s cloud journey, with the ability to easily switch from PaaS into a fully fledged managed Kubernetes service with a click of a button. For a start-up, this would allow them to quickly get going with a simple and easy PaaS, that when they reach the right stage of growth, can transform into a fully featured Kubernetes service.

Security is at the heart of Civo Platform. It includes a ‘Software Bill of Materials’ (SBOM) tool, allowing users to produce a verified record of all components within a software product. The SBOM has become a vital way for businesses to verify the security credentials behind the development of a piece of software. It rose to prominence with the Solarwinds hack in 2020, and open-source Log4J security incident in 2021, which put scrutiny on the security of software supply chains.

Recent US government actions, notably Executive Order 14028, mandated an SBOM for any work with the US federal government. According to Gartner, by 2025, 60% of organizations building or procuring critical infrastructure software will mandate and standardize SBOMs in their software engineering practice.

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo said: “Too often developers outgrow their PaaS provider. We want to be there to grow with businesses, ready to support their changing development needs as they scale up. Developers don’t want complexity: they want an affordable, flexible, and customizable approach to PaaS that lets them focus on innovating for the business.

“We are proud to put security at the heart of this next step for Civo. Recent high profile security incidents have put this issue front of mind for decision-makers. We are heading towards a new normal where public and private sector firms demand, as the price of doing business, full visibility over the security credentials of a piece of software. By integrating an SBOM tool within Civo Platform, we hope to support developers in adapting and thriving in this new world.”

About Civo

Civo is the first cloud provider purely focused on Kubernetes - the future-proofed, de facto standard for containerized applications. By re-imagining cloud computing and challenging the status quo of the major cloud providers, Civo removes the complexity of managing containers and delivers a fair and transparent billing model. Helping companies to host core applications with ease, Civo provides a secure and stable platform for scaling cloud native services globally.

Source: Civo

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