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Atos Expands Containerization Options Within Nimbix Federated Supercomputing 

PARIS, Nov. 10, 2022 -- Atos today announced that Nimbix Federated supercomputing will expand to include support for Singularity as a container runtime option for its federated supercomputing platform, enabling research institutes and high performance computing (HPC) centers to more easily monetize spare cluster capacity.

Launched earlier this year, Nimbix Supercomputing Suite is a set of flexible and secure HPC solutions available in an as-a-service model, including a novel approach for the federation of large-scale machines and clouds along with managed services to enable collaborative scientific computing. With the addition of new containerization features, public and private infrastructure operators utilizing Singularity can now access federated supercomputing to connect with and leverage outside resources through the Nimbix Federated service.

“Atos Nimbix was first to the market with containerized, federated HPC-as-a-service and we’re pleased to add support for Singularity alongside our existing cloud-native OCI runtime options. We’re excited to continue raising the bar in accessibility by giving operators of research-oriented clusters a simple path to plugging into a containerized HPC federation,” said Leo Reiter, CTO and Technical Director, Atos Nimbix HPC Cloud.

To support the deployment of Nimbix Federated to resource operators utilizing Singularity, Atos partners with Sylabs, a global leader in providing professional tools and services for high performance container runtime technology.

“Atos’ expansion to make Nimbix Federated Supercomputing compatible with Singularity is a new and important milestone for helping customers integrate their HPC workloads in a comprehensive as-a-service approach, and we’re excited to partner with Atos in helping these organizations achieve and adopt the process more easily,” said Adam Hughes, CTO of Sylabs. “In working alongside Atos, Sylabs continues to make HPC more accessible to researchers, scientists and engineers alike.”

The Nimbix Supercomputing Suite as-a-service model for HPC, AI and Quantum in the cloud provides customers with access to one of the broadest HPC and supercomputing portfolios, from hardware to bare metal-as-a-service to the democratization of advanced computing in the cloud across public and private data centers.

A preview of Nimbix Federated Singularity is available now. For more information on Nimbix Supercomputing Suite, visit

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