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XENON Joins NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services Program 

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 27, 2022 -- XENON Systems announced that it has joined the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services program, enabling XENON to provide support for customers that would like to deploy NVIDIA DGX systems across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

As a DGX-Ready Managed Service provider, XENON will enable customers to accelerate their AI programs, with DGX system infrastructure supported throughout its lifecycle with advanced services from XENON.

XENON is an Elite partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network qualified to offer DGX systems and NVIDIA InfiniBand and Ethernet networking. XENON’s managed services can be tailored to each customer’s needs, and can cover all the infrastructure management tasks required to keep DGX systems and associated components running at peak performance.

“XENON joining the DGX-Ready Managed Services program will benefit customers by providing them with a streamlined experience of support and a managed service that covers their entire HPC/AI/DL infrastructure from one provider," said CEO Dragan Dimitrovici. "XENON brings deep experience with the NVIDIA technology stack, as well as high-performance computing, high-speed networking and large-scale storage – all critical components for AI infrastructure.”

Greg Govatos, director of DGX partner development at NVIDIA, stated: “Adding XENON to our DGX-Ready Managed Services program provides enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia with an experienced, knowledgeable provider to simplify HPC and AI deployments with fully managed NVIDIA DGX systems.”

XENON’s NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services include all physically managed services – from run-up and testing to local install and racking. It also includes ongoing support of the entire environment, including tasks such as firmware and software updates, optimizing DGX system and cluster performance, and monitoring network usage, storage capacity and performance.

XENON also provides support for containerized cluster management, including Kubernetes, and various job-scheduling applications across complex HPC/AI clusters. XENON delivers HPC-aaS, cloud, multi-cloud, and private-cloud services which can complement on-premises DGX system deployments. All service packages and service level agreements are tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.


XENON assists complex teams and organizations to do great new things. XENON has over twenty-five years of experience in designing and deploying supercomputers, HPC clusters, GPU-based clusters, high performance storage and networking. XENON managed services for AI and high performance computing environments free up customer resources to focus on great new things, while team XENON provides end-to-end, silicon-to-end-user management of HPC/AI environments.

Source: XENON

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