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Lightbits Lab Awarded Storage Write Method Patent 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 21, 2022 -- Lightbits, the first software-defined and architected for NVMe/TCP data platform for any cloud, today announced it has been assigned a patent (11,442,658) for “system and method for selecting a write unit size for a block storage device.” Different SSDs behave best under different conditions depending on their model and internal architecture.

A key parameter affecting their behavior is the write-unit size, i.e., the amount of data written to the SSD as one “chunk”. Using the methods described in this patent, Lightbits determines the optimal write unit size for a given SSD, writing to that SSD in such a way that induces it to work as close as possible to its optimal working point. The innovation described in this patent enhances Lightbits’ already existing Intelligent Flash Management technology that offers customers a highly optimized performance, consistent low latency and cost-efficient cloud data platform that improves flash endurance.

The abstract of the patent (11,442,658) published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: a computer-based system and method for selecting a write unit size for a block storage device, includes performing a plurality of sequences of I/O operations to the block storage device, each sequence having a write unit size from a plurality of write unit sizes; collecting performance metrics of the sequences of I/O operations; and selecting the write unit size for the block storage device from the plurality of write unit sizes based on the performance metrics. In some cases, preconditioning is performed prior to performing the plurality of sequences of I/O operations by emptying the block storage device; and writing data to the block storage device to fill the block storage device above a predetermined level.

To read the patent abstracts and full detail, please click here.

About Lightbits Labs

Lightbits Labs is on a mission to make high-performance block storage simple, scalable, and cost-efficient for any cloud. Lightbits offers a Cloud Data Platform that delivers efficiency, simplicity, and agility for modern data centers. Inventors of the NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP) protocol, Lightbits is leading the digital data center transformation by making software-defined storage that is easy to deploy at scale and delivers performance equivalent to local flash to accelerate cloud-native applications in bare metal, virtual, or containerized environments.

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