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Adaptive Computing Signs Partnership Agreement with Robust HPC 

NAPLES, Fla., August 5, 2022 -- Adaptive Computing, a trusted global leader in High-Performance Computing Workload Management and Cloud Solutions headquartered in Naples, FL, has formed a new partnership by signing an agreement with IT Solutions and Managed Service provider, Robust HPC Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

The CEOs of both companies, Art Allen and Tecsun Yeep respectively, signed the agreement along with their teams in an E-signing ceremony.

CEOs Art Allen and Tecsun Yeep signing the Partnership Agreement.

Robust HPC is an expert team that is passionate about delivering High-Performance Computing solutions, storage, and AI infrastructure to accelerate any AI workload and computational simulation such as CFD, FEA, whole genome sequencing, etc. Robust HPC deploys on-premise solutions with end-to-end system integration and managed services. Customers can also run HPC/AI workloads on Robust HPC’s Cloud that is powered by 20,000+ CPU cores and 100+ NVIDIA

Adaptive Computing has provided advanced applications and tools to the HPC market for over 20 years with hundreds of deployments on the world’s largest computing installations. Adaptive Computing products and services are used by organizations of all sizes across a broad range of industries. In fact, some of the world’s largest clusters, grids, and data centers use Moab HPC Suite and the HPC Cloud OnDemand Data Center to maximize performance and value, simplify management, and create a competitive advantage.

"Adaptive Computing is delighted to be officially allied with Robust HPC. The collaboration with Robust HPC will broaden our reach in Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region bringing HPC Cloud On-Demand to many new organizations." – Art Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

The Adaptive HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center (ODDC) is a scalable cloud systems management solution that gives organizations the ability to leverage public cloud provider resources, without vendor lock-in to any major cloud service provider. The HPC Cloud ODDC solution gives organizations the ability to spin up temporary or persistent HPC cloud infrastructure resources quickly, inexpensively, and on-demand. This enterprise-grade platform can be used to automatically deploy and build clusters in the Cloud, automatically run applications on those clusters, and then terminate the cloud resources, ensuring that the customer only pays for what is being used.

"By partnering with Adaptive Computing, we extend our ability to orchestrate HPC resources across multi-clouds, bringing the powerful Moab HPC Suite to existing Malaysia and China markets, while providing a full spectrum of choices to meet global customer needs," said Tecsun Yeep, CEO of Robust HPC.

Source: Adaptive Computing

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