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Polish Manufacturer Stelmet Selects HPE for Cloud-Native Storage 

WARSAW, Poland, Aug. 3, 2022 -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise today announced that Stelmet Group, a leading producer of wooden garden architecture in Europe headquartered in Poland, has selected HPE Alletra cloud-native data infrastructure to host all its production and administrative data in a simplified, easy-to-manage and future-proof environment. The new data services solution enables Stelmet to scale as the company continues to grow and innovate, while delivering intelligent and AI-driven data storage, processing, and protection.

Stelmet manufactures and distributes various wooden products designed for fencing, furnishing, and decorating gardens and all kinds of recreational spaces. The company also produces pellet fuel, using the sawdust and woodchips which are generated in the process of wood treatment. Stelmet has been in business for 25 years and sells 2,600 designs of products in over 25 countries. With the capacity to deliver large-scale orders, with broad geographical range, and short completion deadlines, Stelmet has become the leading distributor for the largest retailers of wooden garden architecture in Europe. To maintain its leadership position, drive further growth, and seamlessly introduce new products to its portfolio, Stelmet required a new data infrastructure system that harnesses maximum data efficiency and empowers growth without data roadblocks.

“As a dynamic business, we must invest in technology that serves our needs today, tomorrow and in several years’ time”,  said Rafał Ciepliński, IT Director at Stelmet. “With a heavy production schedule and a large distribution network, we produce a vast amount of data each day and therefore need smart and scalable data infrastructure, that can speedily and effectively store, manage, and process our data.”

Stelmet chose HPE Alletra, a cloud-native storage solution, as it removes the complexity of infrastructure management and enables staff to focus on accessing and utilizing data in the most efficient way. Built for every app, from traditional to modern, the HPE Alletra platform delivers architectural flexibility and cloud operating experience wherever data lives; on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud. With unified and intelligent management across all workloads, Stelmet can instantly respond to any workload demand and break down complex data silos. As a result, the company can significantly speed up IT driven services and free up resources that were previously required to maintain, upgrade, and tune storage in isolated locations.

Additionally, HPE Alletra’s AI-driven operations framework prevents issues before they happen and sends recommendations to improve performance and optimize resource utilization and planning. With the support of the HPE Timeless Storage program, the project will avoid costly rip-and-replace cycles and keep the storage continuously up to date with the technology upgrades every three years, or sooner, if required.

“With self-managing and self-improving HPE Alletra platform, our customers move beyond complex and time-consuming data management, and shift their focus to innovation,” said Marek Kwiatkowski, Business Development Manager at HPE, Poland. “Stelmet went from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it. This approach makes a tremendous difference for a growing company. Now, they have more time, more resources at hand, and more capacity on demand.”

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