Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, July 20, 2024

Startup Sway AI Launches No-Code AI Platform 

Venture-backed startup Sway AI has announced the launch of its no-code enterprise AI platform. The company says its platform allows AI solutions to be built and deployed quickly without AI or coding experience.

Sway AI’s patent-pending technology allows business users, technical non-AI users, and technical users with AI proficiency to build AI workflows without code. The company touts its platform’s drag and drop user interface as being easy and intuitive. Its open architecture leverages open-source AI models or allows customers to use their own models. Large enterprises’ data science teams can enjoy faster time-to-deployment for collaborative prototyping, an area where speed and efficiency are key.

Gartner estimates that 85 percent of enterprise AI projects are never deployed due to a shortage of AI skills, high initial costs, and lack of stakeholder engagement. Sway AI claims to tackle these issues with its no-code development platform through advanced collaboration features that “engage business stakeholders and domain experts throughout the AI development cycle, improving business alignment, reducing risk, and driving increased ROIs,” according to the company’s press release.

Sway AI’s platform offers multiple solutions for different industries. For healthcare, it enables medical detection and intelligent medical devices. For supply chain needs, the platform can assist with inventory optimization, warehouse efficiency, and supply chain forecasting.

The platform also has applications in agriculture, as it offers crop/soil health analysis and monitoring, yield forecasting and growth analysis, and drone/IoT data integration. The company recently partnered with Trilogy Networks and Veea to provide an AI solution for their farming needs.

“Sway AI’s platform optimizes models for our real-time low-latency performance needs, which will be critical to the success of our edge AI applications. Through our partnership with Sway AI, we will be able to enhance the edge computing solutions without significant additional investments at the network edge,” noted Allen Salmasi, CEO & Chairman of Veea.

Massachusetts-based Sway AI was founded by Executive Chairman Hassan Ahmed, CEO Amir Atai, and CPO Jitender Arora, all of whom have extensive technological and entrepreneurial resumés. The company says “there’s a better way to do AI,” and is confident its platform is helping remove barriers to successful AI implementation.

“Enterprises face the daunting task of selecting from a growing and complex marketplace of AI tools, technologies, and models. Sway AI’s platform simplifies this ever-changing AI ecosystem by offering best-of-class AI tooling through its platform. By using Sway AI – enterprises can expect the best AI capabilities available without going through complex evaluation exercises and committing to inflexible technology choices. With Sway AI, an enterprise can reduce development and deployment costs by up to 10x and deployment time from months to hours,” said Amir Atai, Sway AI CEO and Co-Founder.

Faster development and deployment of AI technology can be highly useful in an AI-saturated business world. IDC forecasts that companies worldwide will spend $432.8 billion on AI solutions this year, with AI software platforms expected to steadily grow with a five-year CAGR of 34.6 percent.

This article first appeared on Datanami.