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CAST AI Introduces ‘Instant Rebalancing,’ Advancing its Cloud Management Platform 

Nov. 24, 2021 -- CAST AI, the AI-driven cloud optimization company specializing in cost optimization for customers running cloud-native applications, has introduced Instant Rebalancing, a feature that immediately and automatically reduces cloud compute costs between 50 and 75 percent.Built upon CAST AI’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, Instant Rebalancing enables customers to analyze their cluster configuration and - at the click of a button - rightsize it to the most cost-efficient compute resources available. With instant Rebalancing, customers automatically optimize a cluster from its current state to the most optimal configuration by seamlessly modifying compute resources in real time, based on real-time inventory availability and pricing. Customers typically realize savings within five minutes.

“A substantial part of cloud cost optimization is rightsizing, or using the best available resources to optimize your deployments,” said Laurent Gil, Chief Product Officer at CAST AI. “We’ve developed advanced algorithms that make rightsizing instant, and as easy as clicking a button. Customers can then integrate instant rebalancing into cluster onboarding or continuous optimization through Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Our platform provides customers  with significant cost savings by enabling them to quickly and easily get optimized and stay optimized, ensuring a truly frictionless experience.”

Instant Rebalancing adds another critical building block to the CAST AI cloud cost optimization product suite. Customers can now seamlessly enable cost-driven autoscaling, so that their cloud costs remain optimized over time, even as prices and market conditions change. Instant Rebalancing enables customers to take advantage of cloud provider Spot Instances. These instance types are offered at a significantly lower price as compared with on-demand resources. Instance Rebalancing works across all supported clouds and regions: AWS, GCP and Azure.

Notably, one of CAST AI’s customers is Boostr, a revenue management platform for media companies. “CAST AI is a great solution for anyone that has fairly sprawling infrastructure that is growing a little out of control and becoming difficult to manage,” said Ryan Upton, Architect at Boostr. “Turning to containers and running applications in a much more consistent fashion - without ever forgetting about the costs - is a smart move. Looking at the expertise of CAST AI in Kubernetes, we are confident that these cost savings are going to be realized.”

“Working directly with CAST AI has been instrumental not only in getting things set up but also continuously reinforcing the positive vibe around the new Kubernetes implementation,” continued Upton. “CAST AI gave us better visibility into our cloud resources and left us feeling in control.”

Attendees at AWS Re:Invent can see a demonstration of the newest features and functions, including Instant Rebalancing, between November 29 and December 3, 2021, in Las Vegas at the CAST AI booth #400. You can join virtually or in person at the event.

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CAST AI is the autonomous Kubernetes management platform that cuts cloud bills in half for AWS, GCP and Azure customers. CAST AI analyzes millions of data points, always looking for the optimal balance of high performance at the lowest cost. The platform delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload. CAST AI is headquartered in Miami, Fla., with a European office in Vilnius, Lithuania. Learn more at

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