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Powerbridge Announces Completion of Blockchain Supply Chain Traceability Platform 

ZHUHAI, ChinaSept. 13, 2021 -- Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., a SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications provider, today announced it has completed the design and development of the technology infrastructure of its Powerbridge Blockchain Supply Chain Traceability Platform (the "Blockchain Traceability Platform"), which is now at the multi-consumer industry applications development stage.

The Blockchain Traceability Platform integrates Blockchain technologies with big data and AI, to collect transaction data and track the entire supply chain with a "one product - one code" system, thus achieving supply chain transparency and traceability from product production to distribution logistics to business transactions. It effectively prevents the circulation of counterfeit and inferior products and enables the protection of corporate brands and consumer rights.

"By increasing the efficiency of the supply chain with full traceability of consumer products, our platform can prevent consumer-deceiving product information, and in the process can help merchants build and maintain consumer trust and confidence," said Stewart Lor, President of Powerbridge Technologies.

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Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., a growth-driven technology company is primarily engaged in SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications. Powerbridge SaaS integrates AI, Big data, and IoT offering SaaS platforms for cross-border e-commerce, supply chain, data intelligence, and IoT applications and devices. Powerbridge Blockchain consists of BTC and ETH mining and digital assets, IPFS distributed network services, and industry-specific Blockchain applications. For more information, visit

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