Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, May 26, 2024

Empower your future at the intelligent edge with trusted partners 
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The ability to harness deep and immediate insights everywhere is integral to the future of every industry. Bringing AI and edge together creates the intelligent edge, an environment that empowers better decision-making, strategic business models, and a competitive advantage for years to come.

Quickly deploying AI capabilities at the source of data means reaping the benefits of real-time actionable insight, autonomous responses, and predicting what’s next. Companies that invest in intelligent edge technologies will have the ability to outperform their competitors in agility, performance, and innovation, a powerful foundation for any organization to disrupt and set the pace for their industries.

To unlock the next wave of AI, many companies will need guidance to pioneer this changing world. Regardless of your level of expertise, HPE and NVIDIA can help prepare you to capture, evaluate and utilize data from any number of sources to gain real-time insights with AI at the edge through unique, open and intelligent solutions with a consistent experience across all clouds and edges.

Together, we have developed purpose-built solutions that are designed to run AI applications of every size and scope. High-density servers are the foundation for the intelligent edge. These platforms are powered by NVIDIA® GPUs to unleash AI acceleration at scale. The result is an infrastructure that automates and extends intelligence from the core data center to the edge.

This makes it possible for companies to continuously train and improve AI models while enhancing data security and governance at the edge. Cutting-edge software developments such as Swarm Learning fundamentally change the possibilities of AI by bringing computing closer to the data. With a completely decentralized architecture, Swarm Learning enables model training and inference right at the edge utilizing blockchain technology to increase automatic prediction, information-sharing, and collaboration and open up new revenue streams.

Together, we offer a variety of tools and services to simplify digital transformations. From the software for AI used by top researchers, data scientists, and developers to HPE Ezmeral for rapid AI deployment, to HPE Pointnext Services or guiding your entire journey, and flexible deployment and financing through HPE GreenLake—you can enhance both your performance and your cost savings.

Enabling real-time AI in all industries

Breakthrough applications at the Intelligent Edge are changing the face of modern enterprises—in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, agriculture, weather, and climate research to financial services. HPE and NVIDIA are working with these organizations to implement futureproof solutions that will bring intelligence everywhere.

  • NASA is dedicated to ongoing technology and innovation development. HPE is enabling NASA to accelerate deep space exploration with the first ever in-space commercial edge computing and AI capabilities. Spaceborne Computer-2 is built on HPE Edgeline Converged Edge systems and HPE ProLiant servers featuring industry-leading NVIDIA® GPUs to ingest and process data from devices in orbit. By deploying AI at the extreme edge, astronauts and researchers can achieve 2X faster performance to speed time-to-insight from months to minutes.
  • Relimetrics modernizes how companies manufacture products by using AI at the edge to improve quality assurance. Backed by solutions from HPE and NVIDIA, Relimetrics helps businesses analyze video data right at the edge, bringing them closer to achieving zero defects. With a combination of HPE Edgeline systems powered by NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA® TensorRT™ inference, Relimetrics enabled Foxconn to do away with human errors and increase its production performance by almost 1,400X. The facility saves 96 seconds of inspection time per server and expanded its test coverage by 20% while trimming associated costs.
  • Mercedes AMG-Petronas Motorsport drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are gaining critical speed and performance advantages from HPE technology and services. The Mercedes team needed a better solution to manage data from edge to core to cloud, providing their drivers with more information in real-time during racing events. According to Anthony Neri, CEO of HPE and Formula 1 fan, “The edge is the car moving at 220 miles per hour—essentially an office that is moving all the time.” HPE Edgeline systems with NVIDIA GPUs enable the Mercedes team to perform complex calculations instantly which allows Hamilton and Bottas to make faster, smarter, and safer decisions.

Now, it’s your turn.

HPE and NVIDIA make it fast and simple to leverage AI at the edge, offering an approach to edge and AI that allows you to optimize all your applications and operate with confidence. Our robust solutions will help you boldly transform and lead your industry today and for years to come.

We can help you achieve insight on demand, at any scale, from edge to exascale. Learn more.