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Kameleon Security Adds Investment from Xilinx to Deliver Hardware Cybersecurity for Servers 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 21, 2021 -- Kameleon Security, a semiconductor startup with an advanced hardware approach to computing system cybersecurity, today announces it has secured an undisclosed amount of investment from Xilinx, Inc. as it continues building a proactive Security Processing Unit (ProSPU), a cyber protection chip for servers, data centers, and cloud computing. This round of investment also includes funding from existing investors State of Mind Ventures and J-Ventures. Kameleon and Xilinx previously announced a collaboration to work together to strengthen the integrity of computing systems throughout their lifecycles. This work continues to deepen with a joint project underway by both companies that will be demonstrated later this year at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit.

Preventing server cyberattacks requires establishing a root of trust (RoT) from the very first boot process. This RoT can be used to extend the chain of trust throughout the system’s lifecycle, meaning that every layer in the application stack is checked against the RoT to attest its authenticity. Starting with the RoT Kameleon has the goal of providing a holistic security solution that originates from a secure hardware infrastructure that streamlines implementation without sacrificing performance.

Kameleon’s ProSPU already protects the system at boot and through RoT, in adherence with Open Compute Project (OCP) security standards. The ProSPU will also provide protection at runtime by dynamically securing the computing platform from the hardware all the way up the stack to the application running. Kameleon will demonstrate the ProSPU’s features at the OCP Global Summit in November this year, including remote attestation of Xilinx’s peripherals.

About Kameleon

Kameleon, founded in 2019, is a fabless semiconductor startup with an advanced hardware cybersecurity platform for computing systems. Kameleon has developed the first proactive Security Processing Unit (ProSPU) to enforce security throughout a system’s lifecycle, targeting data centers, managed computers, servers and cloud computing systems. The ProSPU protects the system at boot, through Root of Trust (RoT) in compliance with Open Compute Project (OCP) Security requirements, and at runtime, by dynamically protecting and securing the computing platform. Building security into the hardware, in an isolated implementation, means that Kameleon provides a true foundation of trust, which can be extended all the way up the stack.

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