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Zapata Computing Adds Longtime Google Executive Jeff Huber to Board 

BOSTON, July 20, 2021 -- Zapata Computing, a leading enterprise software company for quantum solutions, today announced that Jeff Huber will join Zapata’s Board of Directors. As the former SVP of Google, Jeff brings extensive experience in building and scaling what are now among the most used applications in the world. Jeff is also Founding CEO of GRAIL, a breakthrough cancer screening company. He understands leading-edge technology and, in particular, quantum computing’s massive disruption potential. His experience will help Zapata accelerate the development of its quantum-enabled platform and AI applications in various fields.

“Jeff’s background is beyond impressive and we could not be more excited to have him on our board,” said Christopher Savoie, CEO and co-founder of Zapata Computing. “The applications he helped develop and scale were game-changers that are now used by billions of people every day. With his support, we will expand what’s possible with our own quantum software platform, Orquestra, and its applications. Together, we’ll tackle some of the toughest challenges in Industry, using the latest quantum-classical methods and infrastructure.”

Jeff Huber

As SVP, Jeff Huber led the development and scaling of Google’s Ads, Apps and Maps applications between the critical years of 2003-2016. In 2016, after losing his wife to cancer, Jeff co-founded GRAIL. The company has since raised $2 billion to detect cancer early in the blood using genetic sequencing and data science. As a result, Jeff understands the value quantum-enabled data analytics can bring to the hardest problems of our time, in medicine and beyond.

“Quantum computing will follow artificial intelligence as the second revolutionary technology in the 21st century,” said Huber. “There is so much data in Industry that, if properly harnessed, could solve the most complex problems that affect the human experience, from how we move and live on the planet, to our financial markets and supply chains. Zapata is the leader in developing the quantum-classical applications that will unlock the untapped value of this data. The team is already working alongside some of the world’s biggest organizations to build production-ready quantum applications and is poised to take advantage of tomorrow’s more powerful quantum devices.”

About Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing, Inc. builds quantum-ready applications for enterprise deployment through our flagship product Orquestra – a workflow-based toolset for enterprise quantum computing. Zapata has lead a new quantum-classical development and deployment paradigm that focuses on a range of use cases, including ML, optimization and simulation. Orquestra integrates best-in-class classical and quantum technologies including Zapata's leading-edge algorithms, open-source libraries in Python and Julia, and more. Zapata partners closely with hardware providers across the quantum ecosystem such as Amazon, Google, Honeywell, IBM, IonQ, Microsoft and Rigetti. Investors include BASF Venture Capital, Honeywell Ventures, Itochu Corporation and Merck Global Health.

Source: Zapata Computing

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