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Registration Open for AI Systems Summit: Industry 4.0, June 8-9 

April 8, 2021 -- The AI Systems Summit: Industry 4.0 is a virtual event focusing on deploying artificial intelligence and autonomy in the next stage of evolution for manufacturing and industrial processes. The summit will be held on 8-9 June, 2021.

The summit sits at the intersection of technology and strategy, with focused days serving both the technologists who are grappling with designing and deploying intelligent systems, and the IT/OT/Innovation strategists who are tasked with accelerating transformation through new business models in a digitize or die market.

Day 1 is targeted at AI systems and solutions builders, and will include the following themes:

Technology trade-offs & design choices in AI systems for industry 4.0 (cloud/edge, accuracy/latency, performance/power); convergence of AI and embedded software/systems; end-to-end AI acceleration; AI compute platforms (digital, analog, neuromorphic); application of cutting edge AI research to industry (model optimization, federated learning, reinforcement learning).

Day 2 is targeted at Industrial IoT, IT & OT professionals attend user manufacturing companies, and will include the following themes:

The landscape and trends of AI in Industry 4.0; the convergence of IT, OT & AI (the AIoT); the benefits of AI for inspection & quality control, predictive maintenance & logistics; realizing value from real-time edge analytics; AI & digital twins.

The AI Systems Summit: Industry 4.0 is virtually co-located with the Software for AI Acceleration Summit, which will enable technologists to dive deep into end-to-end AI acceleration & systems design in a specific vertical, while also engaging with cutting edge work on software for AI acceleration.

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