Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Registration Open for AI Systems Summit Research Virtual Event, Mar. 30-31 

Feb. 19, 2021 -- The AI Systems Summit Research virtual event, happening on March 30-31, will gather researchers from across the globe who are working on accelerating AI models for scientific purposes.

The event brings together researchers, engineers and architects at research/public institutions worldwide that will focus on the design and deployment of AI systems for scientific purposes. The event is a miniature virtual conference that is free to attend for registrants from research institutions & national laboratories.

On the HPC side, the summit will cover topics such as the convergence of HPC & AI (University of Stuttgart), heterogeneous systems design (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), the application of AI hardware to non-AI HPC workloads (Simula Research Laboratory) and early impressions of the Cerebras CS-1 system and the advent of 3D monolithic SoCs (US National Energy Technology Lab).

On the Edge device side, the summit will look at design & engineering challenges for robotic systems (NASA) and neuromorphic and brain inspired systems (UTSA and Oak Ridge National Lab).
Attend to meet researchers working on the same challenges as you in an hour of dedicated networking time on each day. There will also be an opportunity to meet and hear from some of the leading AI Hardware technology providers.

The event is completely FREE to attend for research institutions, government agencies and national labs. Book your place here! 

Corporate entities may attend for a fee. Please note that we have very limited availability for attendees from corporate entities.

Some of the topics that will be covered at the event:

  • Heterogeneous Systems Architecture: Effective Use of Diverse Components: Bronis de Supinski – CTO: Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Can AI Hardware Be Used for Non-AI HPC Workloads?: Are Magnus Bruaset – Research Director: Simula Research Lab; & Johannes Langguth - Research Director: Simula Research Lab
  • The Physics of AI Systems Design – How system architectures need to change now to support fully integrated AI in HPC (early impressions of CS-1, 3D monolithic SoCs): Dirk van Essendelft – General Engineer: National Energy Technology Lab
  • The Changes in a Public HPC Center Triggered by the Convergence of HPC and AI: Michael Resch – Director: Stuttgart HPC Center (HLRS)
  • Memory Challenges for Sequential and Parallel Training of Deep Neural Networks: Olivier Beaumont – Research Director: INRIA
  • How NASA uses AI for developing Intelligent Robotics Systems for Planetary Exploration: Shreyansh Daftry – Robotics Technologist: NASA
  • Neuromorphic & Brain-Inspired Systems Design, and On-Device Learning: Catherine Schuman – Research Scientist: Oak Ridge National Lab; Dhireesha Kudithipudi – Professor & Director of AI Consortium, UTSA; and Emre Neftci – Assistant Professor, Cognitive Sciences: UC Irvine

The event will also feature two industry-leading Platinum Partners: Cerebras and Weka. Their respective presentations will be announced next week.

Click here to view the full agenda.

Source: Kisaco Research

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