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Opsera Launches Novel Approach To DevOps With Continuous Orchestration 

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16, 2020 -- Opsera, the first Continuous Orchestration platform for DevOps practitioners, launched a new approach for software delivery that combines choice of any CI/CD tools with no-code automation across the DevOps lifecycle. By orchestrating tools, pipelines and insights through a single platform, Opsera speeds time to deployment, helps optimize resources and provides a holistic cross-functional perspective with KPIs that better correlate technical performance with business outcomes.

Opsera was founded in January 2020 and is backed by a $4.3 million seed round investment from Clear Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Firebolt Ventures.

"Continuous Orchestration is perfect for SREs and DevOps teams that are forced to manually code integrations of best-of-breed point solutions or feel stuck with single-vendor solutions that limit tool choice and cause lock-in," said Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, co-founders of Opsera. "Through our work at Uber, Symantec and Adobe, we realized the need for no-code automation and freedom of tool choice to make DevOps successful. We built Opsera, and are pioneering Continuous Orchestration, with the goal to democratize DevOps."

Here are the key elements of the Opsera Continuous Orchestration platform:

  • Toolchain Automation: You pick the tools you want from a self-service catalog of best of breed tools or bring your own, and automate any toolchain via Opsera's one-click deployment. Eliminate manual scripts and save time with pre-built connectors, native APIs, easy life cycle management and automated governance.
  • Declarative Pipelines: Build no-code pipelines easily using drag-and-drop workflows, with quality and security gates in-built. You get out of the box integrations and pipeline visibility across all the CI/CD stages for various use cases, including software engineering, SaaS release automation (Salesforce/ServiceNow) and infrastructure-as-a-code pipelines.
  • Unified Insights and Logs: The platform provides comprehensive and unified analytics across your entire CI/CD ecosystem. Aggregated and contextualized logs and build blueprints for faster resolution and improved auditing and compliance. Intelligent and personalized dashboards with more than 85 KPI's in six different dimensions (planning, development, security, quality, operations and source code), so you can make smarter decisions.

Here's what industry experts that have previewed Opsera have to say:

"Centralized automation and Continuous Orchestration across the software delivery lifecycle are crucial to gain the velocity and visibility DevOps teams need to meet business goals," said Eric Robertson, an industry evangelist for Value Stream Management and Ambassador of DevOps institute.

"With Opsera's Continuous Orchestration solution, the productivity of our engineers immediately improved by 25 percent. I can also see the development, security and quality metrics in a single dashboard," says Kishore Gandham, CEO of KeyWest Networks, an Opsera customer.

Opsera's Continuous Orchestration brings value to all stakeholders in the software process.

  • Developers: can focus more on building and shipping code to bring products to market faster without losing cycles, having to build and manage tools and pipelines, or being impacted by delays driven by manual security and quality processes.
  • DevOps Engineers: can quickly provide developers with tools and pipelines without taking away choice and control while ensuring the ability to scale, secure, and govern these tools and pipelines effectively.
  • Managers (Dev/Quality/Security): get real-time visibility on performance and productivity metrics that matter (across teams, releases, regions, or technology) and are better equipped to reduce cost and complexity while improving security and compliance.

Opsera is now available. For more information, please visit:

About Opsera

Opsera is the first Continuous Orchestration platform for next-gen DevOps that enables choice, automation, and intelligence across the entire software life cycle. It offers simple, self-service toolchain integrations, drag-and-drop pipelines, and unified insights. With Continuous Orchestration, development teams can use the tools they want, operations teams gain improved efficiency, and business leaders have unparalleled visibility. Opsera believes DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to a practical science, and Continuous Orchestration is the future to help organizations accelerate DevOps adoption and reach peak innovation velocity.

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