Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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PALO, ALTO, Calif., April 1, 2020 -- As the world battles COVID-19,, a developer of an enterprise-class AI-driven omni-channel messaging platforms, announces its partnership with Messenger to offer government health organizations and UN health agencies a critical and timely solution to disseminate factual information and engage with citizens at a superhuman scale. Given the rapid rate of change around the pandemic,’s Messenger experience can automate responses to commonly asked questions and push information to a large population in a timely manner.

“The need to share accessible, real-time information around the developments of COVID-19 is critical in order to keep citizens safe, well-informed and comforted with the peace of mind they deserve,” said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Vice President of Developer Platforms and Programs, Facebook. “We’ve partnered with developers like who we trust will leverage Messenger’s resources, tools and technology to ensure government health organizations and UN health agencies are providing global citizens with the information they need at their fingertips.” is determined to aid government health organizations and UN health agencies pro bono during COVID-19 to protect the global community.’s Messenger experience creates a medium that gives entities the insight into how their constituents are dealing with the pandemic. The main focus of’s solution and what makes the Messenger experience so unique, is that it is interactively delivering the latest news, expert information and official updates, while providing one-on-one engagements and solutions within 24 hours. The platform uses personalization, custom variables, and conversational data gathering analytics to provide citizens with COVID-19 information regarding test sites, symptoms, results turn-around time, and more.

To handle the overwhelming influx to live call centers,’s Messenger experience can integrate interactive voice response to automatically switch the communication medium to Messenger from Facebook. As a result, Amplify’s Messenger experience reduces human capital, improves efficiency, and abides by the social distancing guidelines.

“In pressing times like these, our team is equipped and dedicated to working in tandem with the team at Facebook in effort to help government health organizations and UN agencies combat COVID-19,” said Mahi de Silva, Co-Founder and CEO of “Our AI-powered, interactive platform delivers valuable insights not only to local organizations about community specific questions and issues but helps inform millions of citizens around the world with a fast turnaround.” has years of expertise when it comes to building rich interactive Messenger experiences via advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP). The platform has handled over 4 billion engagements with over 300 million people around the world.

For more information on’s Messenger experience, visit, Facebook’s blog post, and program website.

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