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Rammer Rebrands as, Announces Availability of its Platform to Developers for Free 

SEATTLE, March 31, 2020 -- Rammer, the Techstars-backed Conversational Intelligence-as-a-Service solution, is now The rebrand comes after a successful  $1.8M fundraise in September ‘19 and the subsequent doubling in size of the company as it continues to gain momentum through early client and developer adoption.

“Understanding the unbiased meaning and untangling the subjectivity of conversations is the crucial element that we have been working towards,” said Surbhi Rathore, CEO and co-founder or Symbl. “Our new identity represents this goal and is at the very core of what drives us.”

Symbl’s success is representative of a larger shift towards remote work solutions by enterprises around the world.  Symbl offers businesses and developers powerful tools to help address the productivity challenges of remote work in an increasingly global economy, particularly as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve. With an increase in remote workers, a programmable platform that can help developers add and deploy conversational analysis is not only necessary, it’s vital.

“Symbl’s API gives us unparalleled functionality to build a differentiated meeting experience for our customers,” said Costin Tuculescu, VP of Collaboration at Intermedia, a leading unified communications and cloud business application provider. “We are excited to provide our users with automated meeting insights and action items in our AnyMeeting product and look forward to the different conversation experiences we will empower in the future.”

Today also marks an exciting milestone in Symbl’s journey to create the first developer platform for Conversational Intelligence.  After a successful limited developer preview, the company is thrilled to announce the general availability of Symbl to all developers for free.

A business's most valuable assets are its conversations - both internal conversations amongst employees and external revenue generating conversations with customers.  Symbl is a comprehensive suite of APIs that analyze natural human conversations.  It provides developers the ability to amplify these interactions and build extraordinary customer experiences in any channel - be it voice, video or text.

“Symbl makes it easy to surface highly relevant a-ha moments and meaningful outcomes from free-flowing discussions taking place in Unified Communication platforms, collaboration workflows, and customer care channels,” continued Rathore. “With just a few lines of code, developers can gain unprecedented access to meaningful conversational-data that can superpower a wide range of new and enhanced conversation-driven use cases.”

Built on Contextual Conversation Intelligence (C2I) technology, Symbl’s APIs enable developers to rapidly integrate a sophisticated AI that goes beyond the simple natural language processing of voice and text conversations. Developers can now easily embed real-time contextual language understanding with the flexibility and control to build their own unique product experiences.

“Our platform analyzes and generates a human-like understanding of virtually any subject matter or discussion topic, without any upfront training, custom classifiers or keywording required,” added Toshish Jawale, co-founder and CTO of Symbl.

Starting today, developers will now have access to:

  • Real-time analysis of free-flowing discussions to automatically surface highly relevant summary discussion topics, contextual insights, suggestive action items, follow-ups, decisions, and questions.
  • Voice APIs that make it easy to add AI-powered conversational intelligence to telephony and WebSocket interfaces.
  • Conversational REST APIs for the management and processing of your conversation data.
  • Customizable summary UI with a fully indexed and searchable transcript including timecodes and speaker information.
  • Full documentation, code samples, and Flows--a visual editor for building conversational workflows and integrations using the Conversational Intelligence API.
  • Unmatched developer support with direct access to Symbl’s engineering teams and broad conversational intelligence developer community.

All conversations are information-rich, unstructured, and contextual. Put simply, they’re complex. Until now, only narrowly scoped, manual, and often error-prone options have been available to developers and enterprises to effectively cut through this noise.  Now, everything they need to move beyond these limitations is available at

About was part of the TechStars Seattle 2019 cohort. The co-founders last worked at Amdocs and have backgrounds in Conversational Intelligence products and CRM systems, with deep knowledge of Enterprise-scale API platforms. Symbl is headquartered in Seattle and has a team in Pune, India. More information about can be found at



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