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Accedian Announces Enhanced Skylight Capabilities 

MONTREAL, Canada, March 25, 2019 – Accedian announced that its cloud-native performance monitoring and analytics platform, Skylight, has added significant new capabilities enabling increased performance visibility across application, cloud, and network infrastructure in a unified view. This release combines full stack end user experience visibility with deep passive and active network infrastructure insights.

Skylight generates and analyzes huge volumes of active, high-definition network testing data and passive, traffic-based service experience data in real time to provide levels of visibility and flexibility that are not possible or available in a singular solution today. Third party data can also be added to augment Skylight sensor analysis and insights.

With Skylight, organizations will have pervasive visibility of their entire environment and the added value of enhanced analytics and data correlation, resulting in faster root cause identification of network issues, the ability to drill-down to microsecond granularity for network events, and predictive problem identification. Cloud native and orchestrated, Skylight is the complete user experience and network optimization system enterprises need today.

According to recent Vanson Bourne research, almost half (46%) of all CIOs surveyed said that migrating IT environments to deliver industry-leading performance and customer experience is a top priority for the coming two years. However, 35% of these same CIOs surveyed believe they are not equipped with the resources and tools needed to meet customer demands. They face challenges around the ability to analyze data from disparate systems, as well as the costs associated with data storage. Skylight attacks these issues head on, offering a software-based tool that is both flexible and economical—Skylight’s compact, structured and intelligent metadata technology makes it both scalable, to empower enterprises to monitor small to extremely large deployments, and able to retain historical data without the costs associated with storage of full packet captures. As a result, IT teams can gain a unified view of application and network performance across the entire organization, from headquarters and central on-premises data centers, to the cloud and remote locations.

“Enterprises are moving applications to the cloud faster than ever before but they struggle with visibility into complex, multi-tier applications. We are proud of the advances we have made to help our customers overcome these challenges by delivering the industry’s first unified network tool that provides both active and passive insights at this level of granularity and scale,” said Tom Foottit, VP Product Management, Accedian. “Skylight leverages cutting-edge technologies to offer highly accurate analysis to our customers so they can continue innovating at the accelerated pace required for leading modern businesses.”

“In an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s critical for us to continue providing industry-leading solutions to our customers so they, in turn, are able to deliver seamless digital experiences to their customers,” said Gareth Humphreys, Solution Manager at Solution Performance Group. “We’re excited about the new capabilities delivering valuable insights into both application and network performance in a unified view that is unique in the industry. IT teams cannot be better equipped than with Skylight to help them identify and solve performance issues quickly before they impact the customer experience.”

“Network operations teams are desperate for this kind of consolidation because it can streamline operations and improve their visibility into application performance, end user experience, and security events,” added Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research, Network Management, for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

About Accedian

Accedian is the leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions, dedicated to providing our customers with the ability to assure their digital infrastructure, while helping them to unlock the full productivity of their users. We are committed to empowering our customers with the ability to see far and wide across their IT and network infrastructure and a microscopic ability to dive deep and understand the experience of every user, helping them to delight their own customers each and every time.

Source: Accedian 

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