Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, January 24, 2022

Oracle Touts AI Apps, Expands Cloud Partnership with Microsoft 

Corporate finance and IT departments along with supply chain managers are the largest benefactors of AI technology, according to an emerging technologies study released this week by Oracle.

Separately, Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) new cloud-based database infrastructure along with an expanded interoperability partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

The AI research released Wednesday (Feb. 12) during a company event in London finds that emerging technologies like digital assistants are helping some companies grow at rates as fast as 80 percent. The survey of 700 finance executives and IT managers concludes that AI-driven technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things have “passed the adoption tipping point” and in some cases exceeded corporate expectations.

Oracle’s cloud data science platform also announced this week is geared to data science teams working on machine learning model development. The platform allows the sharing of individual projects, model catalogs and security policies. Among the features is automatic selection of the appropriate training data sets for a given project using an AutoML algorithm tool.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Oracle are extending their cloud partnership with a linked location in Amsterdam, allowing customers to share data across applications running on Azure and the Oracle cloud. The partners also host interconnected cloud regions in Ashburn, Va., London and Toronto.

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