Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Friday, August 7, 2020
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Trading Data Added to Google BigQuery 

A huge batch of tick data, used by financial traders to track the minimum upward or downward movement of stock prices, has been added to Google Cloud Platform, allowing financial analysts to plug pricing and trading data into the cloud vendor’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse.

Refinitiv, a London-based fintech provider, said its “Tick History” data set includes historical data gleaned from real-time trades, including transactions from more than 500 exchanges dating back to 1996. The combination of historical tick data with BigQuery’s machine learning capabilities would allow traders to construct and test trading strategies while complying with financial regulations, the partners said Tuesday (Feb. 11).

Refinitiv said tick data accessible via BigQuery also would enable analysts to interpret trading patterns and develop new algorithmic trading models while saving time and money on data management and regulatory compliance.

The fintech partnership underscores how AI-based analytics and ever-larger sets of historical trading data stored on cloud platforms are automating financial markets.

“Combining Google Cloud’s machine learning tools with Refinitiv’s Tick History data in BigQuery is a step-change for customers looking to develop new trading models,” said Catalina Vazquez, a director at Refinitiv.

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