Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Monday, October 26, 2020
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AI Hardware Summit Europe launches in Munich, Germany on 10-11 March 2020, the ecosystem event for AI hardware acceleration in Europe 
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Google, Microsoft, BMW, Continental Ag, Volvo’s Zenuity, Xilinx, Arm and BASF among AI pioneers to join the first AI Hardware Summit Europe in Munich, March 10-11, 2020.


Following three successful events, including two sell-out shows in the US, the AI Hardware Summit is coming to Munich, Germany. The AI Hardware Summit series has previously included luminary keynotes from Dr. John L. Hennessey, Chairman of Alphabet, Lip-Bu Tan, CEO of Cadence Systems and Naveen Rao, CVP & GM of Intel’s AIPG.

March’s event will feature an opening keynote from Olivier Temam, Hardware Engineer at DeepMind tasked with building DeepMind’s hardware infrastructure for Artificial General Intelligence, titled ‘Past Chip Childhood and System Teenage: Why We Need to Build a Mature Ecosystem.’

Given Europe’s strength in automation across industrial, robotics and autonomous vehicles manufacturing, this summit will focus on inference systems in edge computing, connecting these industries through common challenges in systems architecture/engineering.

Between 200-250 attendees are expected to attend, with topics focusing on deploying machine learning at the edge, whole stack optimisation of AI, and the design of autonomous systems.

Key speakers include:

  • Olivier Temam – Hardware Engineer, DeepMind
  • Cyra Richardson – General Manager, AI & Robotics Incubation, Microsoft
  • Uri Weiser – Professor Emeritus, Technion
  • Michaela Blott – Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx
  • Muralikrishna Sridhar – Head, AI Services for Autonomous Vehicles, Continental Ag
  • Geoff Tate – Co-Founder & CEO, Flex Logix
  • Luca Benini – Professor of Digital Circuits and Systems, ETH Zurich
  • Mike Henry – Co-Founder & CEO, Mythic
  • Matthew Mattina – Head of Arm's Machine Learning Research Lab, Arm
  • Albert Cohen – Research Scientist, Google
  • Orr Danon – CEO, Hailo Technologies
  • Eric Flamand – Co-Founder & CTO, GreenWaves Technologies

Similar to other events hosted by Kisaco Research, such as the AI Hardware Summit US, the event is expecting announcements of new AI systems solutions on both the hardware and software side.

You can register for the event at, and apply for press/media passes with the details below.

Press Contact for AI Hardware Summit Europe:

Finola McMahon
Marketing Director
[email protected]

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