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ECI Demonstrates OpenROADM Compliant OTN Solutions at SC19 

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, Nov. 22, 2019  — ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, is pleased to announce its participation in an OpenROADM demonstration at SC19 in Denver, Colorado in cooperation with The University of Texas at Dallas as part of its PROnet (Programmable Optical Network) SDN orchestrator demonstration.

SC19 is the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, attracting the best engineers, developers and organizations from around the world to discuss achievements in engineering.

With the increasing prevalence of open networking movements, the growth of Web 2.0 companies and other advancements, optical networking is moving further away from traditional proprietary builds and into a new era of telecommunications. Driving this evolution are customers – more of whom are requesting open, disaggregated solutions so they can run transponders and muxponders from a variety of vendors over open optical line systems (OLS).

In line with this thinking are ECI’s Apollo optical networking solutions, which are completely open and modular. The Apollo portfolio is available as a complete set of flexible building blocks, controllable through standard NETCONF/YANG interfaces, which allows for a modular or disaggregated approach. Customers can pick and choose from a variety of platforms, service line cards, ROADMs and amplifiers. This ‘As You Like It‘ approach provides maximum flexibility and allows customers to tailor solutions to their organization’s needs. ECI equipment is compliant with the OpenROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), which defines interoperability specifications for ROADMs, transponders and pluggable optics.

“OTN interoperability at the optical line rate between multiple vendors over an open line system makes this solution demonstration important,” states Kevin Driscoll, President of the North American Business Unit of ECI. “The OpenROADM MSA provides an elegant way for vendors to interoperate across technologies and layers of the network in a simple, open fashion. Service providers benefit from deploying compliant technologies and the ability to easily mix and match the best solutions for their network from a commercial, technology, or even logistical availability – independent of who manufactures them.”

Driscoll continued, “OTN is a well-defined and common technique for handing off client traffic between different service providers and separate vendors in modern networking, but this demonstration will be the first time the networking community shows multiple vendors interoperating at the optical line level, allowing different vendor’s OTN switches to work together in an extremely cost effective and flexible way. This feat would simply not be possible without a common structure like OpenROADM.”

For more information about ECI’s open, programmable capabilities, download the application note here. Or visit:

About ECI

ECI is a global provider of ELASTIC network solutions to CSPs, critical industries, and data center operators. With the advent of 5G, IoT, and smart everything, traffic demands are increasing dramatically, and network operators must make smart choices as they evolve their infrastructure. ECI’s Elastic Services Platform leverages our programmable packet and optical networking solutions, along with our service-driven software suite and virtualization capabilities, to provide a robust yet flexible solution for any application. ECI solutions are tailored for the needs of today, yet flexible enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow. For more information, visit us at

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