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Formulus Black Exhibits its Forsa Solution at SC19 

JERSEY CITY, N.J. Nov. 18, 2019 - Venture-backed startup Formulus Black announced today it is showcasing how its Forsa solution enables memory to be provisioned and managed as a high-performance, low-latency storage media for the most-demanding workloads at SC19, the international conference for high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, in Booth No. 296 of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver November 18-21.

Forsa enables any application or filesystem to utilize DRAM or Intel Optane DC persistent memory as a memory-based POSIX compliant block storage. Because of this, no application modifications are needed on the application side to supercharge the performance of I/O intensive HPC processes such as checkpointing.

Forsa brings a suite of memory-management features that are not available for standard persistent memory devices such as the ability to increase the size of persistent memory block devices that are at full capacity, create clones and snapshots, and manage persistent memory resources on multiple nodes from one management console.  Supporting both legacy and new application environments, Forsa is ideally suited to solving the needs of enterprises in the financial services, automotive, telecom, energy, university, gaming, and healthcare industries.

“In the same way that Tesla disrupted the automobile market by demonstrating how batteries could be used for more than just starting a car and keeping the radio on, Formulus Black is disrupting the server market by elevating the role of memory on servers as both a caching layer and a tier 1 low latency storage media for I/O intensive processes” said Jing Xie, Chief Operating Officer at Formulus Black.  “Forsa works with servers powered by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Modules and older generation Intel servers with DRAM to deliver memory-accelerated I/O performance for data intensive applications while providing the manageability, data protection, and usability features typically found in peripheral storage solutions such as snapshots, clones, block resize, backup/restore, and high availability.”

The SC Conference brings together the international high-performance computing community – a gathering of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers that is unequaled in the world – for an exceptional program of technical presentations, papers, informative tutorials, timely research posters, and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions.  Additional information about the event is available at

About Formulus Black

Formulus Black develops Forsa, a software technology that is unlocking the power of in-memory compute for all applications by enabling server memory to be easily and efficiently used as a high-performance storage media. Forsa can be used to power the most demanding application workloads and for developers seeking to minimize latency, maximize throughput, and scale without performance loss. For more information and to trial our software, please visit:

Source: Formulus Black 

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