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TMGcore Develops Customized Server Solution That Will Run in Immersion Cooled Environment 

DALLAS, Nov. 5, 2019 --​ ​TMGcore, a provider of data center solutions and manufacturer of data center hardware, today announced it has developed a first-of-its-kind data center platform that utilizes immersion cooling and is ready to house ​Dell EMC​ PowerEdge C4140 servers.

“Traditionally, data center platforms run in air-cooled environments​ that require a significant amount of power and air conditioning within the facility,” said John-David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “However, companies are looking to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of power consumption within their data center operations. ​We have developed a line of data center platforms that feature an immersion environment for the servers, and we are proud to introduce the products to the market with one customized for Dell Technologies servers.”

Debuting at Supercomputing 2019 (SC19) in Denver, Colorado on November 18, TMGcore’s data center complements the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 by hosting the server that features outstanding thermal efficiency. By allowing the high-density, accelerator-optimized server to run in an immersed environment, TMGCore can offer its customers a solution that offers 35 percent more processing power than a traditional data center.

“We’ve seen demand for solutions that can help organizations reduce their data center power consumption,” said Ron Pugh, vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions​. “Our team adapted the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 for submersion in order for TMGcore to offer a unique solution that diminishes the environmental impact, like lowering cooling costs, without decreasing processing power.”

Those attending SC19 can visit TMGcore at booths 1981 and 1995, schedule one-on-one demos to see the new data center technology and receive a made-to-order facility design that is customized to their organization. For more information and to schedule an in-person meeting, visit ​

About TMGcore

TMGcore is a U.S.-based provider of data center solutions and manufacturer of data center hardware committed to building innovative solutions that solve and mitigate the industry’s most pressing challenges. With its flagship solution debuting in November 2019, TMGcore has balanced the demands of data processing while reducing operating costs and environmental impact. The soon-to-be-released data center is a tenth of the size of a traditional data center, offers zero water waste and reduces operational costs by an average of 70 percent while ​reducing the amount of energy used for cooling by 80 percent and redirecting this power toward a productive IT Load. For more information, visit

Source: TMGcore

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