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AWS, Bloomberg Go Global with Data Feed 

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Bloomberg, the financial data giant, is expanding its partnership with Amazon Web Services to extend private cloud access to its real-time market data feed to global customers.

The partners announced the availability of Bloomberg’s flagship B-PIPE service on AWS (NASDAQ: AMZN) last November, giving U.S. clients cloud access to real-time market data previously delivered via terminals. The cloud data service will now be offered to Bloomberg’s enterprise clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

B-PIPE is cloud agnostic, and Bloomberg stresses it is also working with other cloud services providers to deliver its real-time financial data feed, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Bloomberg said Thursday (Sept. 12) its real-time market data would now be available across three AWS regions as well as on-premise or as a hosted service. “We have expanded our relationship with AWS to provide continued efficient data delivery and improved speed to value,” added Tony McManus, Bloomberg’s CIO for enterprise data.

The partners are betting enterprise customers in the financial sector will embrace cloud-native real-time data that can mesh and scale along with distributed applications, particularly analytics tools. For example, cloud availability would allow clients to combine real-time market data with reference, regulatory and accounting data, Bloomberg noted.

The real-time market data feed is managed service the gives clients access to data previously delivered on Bloomberg terminals. The cloud version delivers real-time data via the AWS PrivateLink network connection, which secures data shared with cloud-based applications by eliminating exposure to the public Internet.

The cloud connection consolidates data from about 330 financial exchanges along with a wide range of equity, foreign exchange and money market sources.The AWS infrastructure delivers Bloomberg's financial information to clients via a common API.

AWS said Bloomberg’s virtual private cloud spans three of its availability zones that cover 110 countries. Each zone hosts Amazon Elastic Compute instances running Bloomberg’s data distribution servers.

AWS said the real-time market data feed hosted on its cloud is capable of delivering more than 80 billion ticks, or price fluctuations, per day to about 15,000 customer locations.

B-PIPE via the cloud also combines Bloomberg’s real-time market data with AWS data management and analytics along with the latter’s machine learning tools, the partners stressed.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include Bloomberg's collaboration with other cloud vendors.

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