Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, May 27, 2024

Tool Helps Automate Code Reviews 

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Among the IT plumbing being automated is the painstaking review of software code via machine learning tools designed to scan source code for inconsistencies while suggesting fixes that promise to speed the review process, thereby getting software updates out the door faster.

The Lookout tool released by code analysis specialist source{d} leverages machine learning to model coding “style” based on reviews of different code repositories. The trained model is then applied to the analysis of a particular code base. The company claims Lookout is trained to understand the nuances of different code bases and learns how to model them.

That approach differs from relying on standard style practices used for code reviews.

When style problems are detected, the quality control tool suggests code fixes based on the GitHub software development platform’s “Suggested Changes” offering. The public beta version of the GitHub tool was released in October 2018.

Using the GitHub tool, code reviewers can immediately accept, or “commit,” to changes.

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