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Google Hit With GDPR Fine 


Google got whacked again this week by European regulators for failing to comply with provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation covering data collection used for targeted advertising.

The French data regulator CNIL fined the search giant a record $56.8 million (€50 million) for failing to sufficiently inform consumers about collecting data used in online ads, citing a “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent to personalize advertising.”

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) said it was studying the decision.

Vendors focused on data privacy said this week’s fine puts U.S. tech companies on notice that they must strictly comply with GDPR rules regard the processing of private data.

“Clearly U.S. businesses are not immune to privacy regulation in Europe,” said Greg Sparrow, senior vice president at CompliancePoint, a data privacy and security vendor. “If there was any doubt, look to Google’s fine [this week] under GDPR.”

Added Sparrow: “Make no mistake, European regulators are sending a message to Silicon Valley: Fully comply with European privacy regulation or face the ire of regulators.”

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