Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Cumulus Networks Partners with Datacenter Switcher 

The unclogging of datacenter networks is taking a decidedly open approach that is permeating down to the level of network operating systems and high-capacity optical switches.

The latest example of this trend is a deal between networking software specialist Cumulus Networks and FS.COM Inc., a datacenter communications integrator. The partners said this week that FS would integrate a Linux-based network operating system from Cumulus Networks into its datacenter switching gear.

Among the benefits of the open networking framework is the ability to deploy emerging network fabric technology that is able to scale as data volumes soar and more datacenter operations are automated.

The FS N-series switches extend up to 100 Gb/s Ethernet capacity. The 32- and 48-port switches in the new series will include the 3.7 version of the Cumulus Linux network OS aimed at bare metal switches, the partners said.

“Datacenters now need a modern, web-scale networking infrastructure that is simple to operate and built on open standards to drive agility and high performance,” said Daniel Xiang, CEO of FS.COM, which is based in New Castle, DE.

“Open networking is changing the way datacenters are designed and managed in a big way, enabling organizations to have control over their cost and operations,” added Cumulus Networks CEO Josh Leslie.

In announcing a $43 million funding round earlier this year, Leslie noted that Cumulus Networks was sharpening its focus on web-scale networks and datacenter “service providers who are beginning to move into the networking space."

Cumulus Networks, Mountain View, Calif., has over the last 18 months rolled out a steady stream of new switching hardware and open networking software, including networking appliances that target web-scale networking adopters. Among them was an appliance offering 1G through 100G platforms pre-packaged with Linux OS features and accompanying gear.


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