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Utah Dept. of Technology Services Deploys Cloudian Object Storage to Help State Agencies Cut Storage Costs 

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018 -- Cloudian, a leading provider of enterprise object storage systems, today announced that the Utah Department of Technology Services has deployed Cloudian HyperStore storage appliances, resulting in cost savings of up to 75 percent when compared with traditional SAN and NAS storage. Installed in conjunction with a Rubrik data protection system across three data centers, the Cloudian appliances employ geo-distribution to achieve a 33 percent improvement in storage efficiency.

Managed by the Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure Team for the State of Utah, the Cloudian system provides a backup data repository for the team’s Rubrik data management platform. This repository includes 2.8 PB of storage on 24 appliances that are interconnected in a single storage fabric to provide a consolidated view of data.

Compared to the team’s previous storage tiering solution, the Cloudian system has significantly increased throughput with the ability to employ parallel data transfers across multiple Cloudian nodes simultaneously. Cloudian’s erasure coding feature allows data to be striped across multiple sites for fault tolerance, rather than replicated, resulting in the increased storage efficiency.

“Government agencies must manage rapidly expanding data volumes within a fixed budget, a challenge that legacy platforms simply cannot meet,” said Jon Toor, chief marketing officer at Cloudian. “Cloudian and Rubrik together provide innovation that helps customers like the State of Utah deliver the triple win of increased service levels, greater data availability and reduced operating costs.”

In addition to data protection services, Utah’s Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure Team also offers storage services. Users are charged for the cost of storage services delivered, meaning that those employing the Cloudian object storage system can immediately see and benefit from the 75 percent savings over traditional block storage options.

Over the coming months, Utah will also expand storage capacity into a public cloud deployment. Because Cloudian is fully S3-compatible, organizations can easily extend to a public cloud using the company’s integrated data tiering and data replication features.

The State of Utah deployment is the latest example of how Cloudian is helping governments meet their growing storage needs. Earlier this year, Cloudian announced that the California Department of Technology is using its object storage technology as part of the department’s storage-as-a-service offering.

Source: Cloudian

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