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Rackspace Delivers Multi-Cloud via VMware on AWS 

Rackspace is pointing its private cloud services toward multi-cloud deployments with the release of a VMware cloud running on Amazon Web Services.

Rackspace said the managed service is intended to enable its private cloud customers to run their infrastructure on the AWS public cloud, customer datacenters or on other hosted platforms.

The service also is intended for flexible deployments of enterprise workloads across public and private clouds using a single set of tools and processes such as standard workflows and stable APIs. The private cloud service also provides access to emerging cloud-native applications running on the Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) cloud.

San Antonio-based Rackspace said Monday (Nov. 5) the expanded private cloud service would deliver common cloud APIs for private, hybrid or public clouds in order to avoid vendor lock-in. The portable cloud APIs would be delivered as a managed service.

Public and private cloud would be integrated and APIs utilized across native AWS cloud services and VMware workloads, Rackspace said.

The goal is to “help customers that want to move to VMware Cloud on AWS and further modernize their applications with native AWS services,” said Peter FitzGibbon, vice president and general manager of Rackspace’s managed services for VMware.

That would allow enterprise customers launching multi-cloud deployments to do so on an application-by-application basis, a feature that is designed to ease application migration to the cloud.

Separately this week, VMware (NYSE: VMW) announced further expansion of VMware Cloud for AWS, including new regions in Ireland along with northern California and Ohio. The new regions are scheduled to launch by the end of 2018.

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