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IBM Launches Domino for Collaborative Integration 

Oct. 9, 2018 -- Today, IBM is announcing the availability of the next generation of its Domino Platform (“Domino V10), ushering in the next phase of rapid application development for today’s digital businesses. Domino’s platform, database, and app dev tools are fast and relied upon by businesses to automate important processes. Global organizations across industries, including A1 Telekom AustriaPolish Medical Air Rescue, TeradyneVCC and Vössing are experiencing positive business results using IBM Domino.

Since Domino was released 29 years ago (December 1989), it has been a critical application platform that businesses - from banks, insurance and communications companies - use in offices, ships, helicopters, and even oil rigs.  Domino has been chosen by business and IT developers alike for decades to help build solutions with embedded workflow that can automate their business quickly and effectively.

Domino V10 is the first installment in a reinvigorated Domino platform roadmap which represents the input of thousands of clients, IBM Champions and Business Partners globally for both application deployment and enterprise mail.

A1 Telekom Austria, a leading provider of telecom services in Austria, aimed to empower sellers to work together on high-value activities like relationship-building to drive its billion-dollar business, but siloed data and repetitive reporting tasks stood in the way. To address this issue, A1 created a sales pipeline management application based on IBM Domino, enabling it to automate time-consuming reporting tasks and centralize its data on sales opportunities.

"IBM Domino is at the heart of practically everything our people do, whether it’s our pre-sales teams calculating on costings and working on tenders, our post-sales teams helping to fulfill orders, or our managers overseeing the entire process," said Georg Schaller, Sales Information Management Leader, A1 Telekom Austria. "The new mobile support capabilities in Domino V10 will be a game changer for employees, since the majority of A1's sales representatives use iPads while working remotely with prospects."

Source: IBM

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