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Advanced HPC Partners with Western Digital to Launch High Availability Storage Solution for Enterprise, AI and Big Data Applications 

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Aug. 14, 2018 -- Advanced HPC, a leading HPC specialist and multi-vertical artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider, today announced the launch of GeminiTM, an enterprise-grade next-gen high availability storage solution featuring a 1U dual controller RAID head and a Western Digital Ultrastar Data60 Hybrid Storage Platform. The RAID head is engineered to seamlessly hang multiple JBODs with up to 512 drives.

In addition to being compatible with the industry’s leading parallel file systems – including BeeGFS, for whom Advanced HPC was just named the first U.S. Platinum Partner – Gemini was built to ensure:

  • superior levels of RAID performance and scalability.
  • enterprise-level data protection.
  • high density storage in a compact and efficient form factor.

Further, during a special limited-time-only promotion, Drive to Freedom,” Gemini will be priced at $35,000 (based on 720TB of raw storage). The promotion runs from now until September 30, 2018.

“Our engineers and sales team have worked very hard to develop a HA storage solution that would perform without fail in the toughest, most demanding enterprise environments, but also be financially feasible to a variety of markets,” said Toni Falcone, Advanced HPC President. “We are particularly pleased that the price point will accommodate the year-end purchasing needs of Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD) buying authorities as well as customers who are pushing the boundaries of AI and deep learning.”

For more information on Gemini, please call Advanced HPC sales engineers at (858) 716-8224 or visit the Gemini “Featured Products” page on Advanced HPC’s website.

About Advanced HPC

Combining its best-in-class technical expertise with proven industry experience, Advanced HPC understands customers' specific industry needs and is adept at developing, deploying and supporting the right high-performance compute and storage solutions unique to those respective markets. 

Source: Advanced HPC

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