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Attala Systems Introduces the Attala Data Lake Module for Its Composable Storage Infrastructure 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 7, 2018 – Attala Systems today introduced the Attala Data Lake (ADL) software module for its award-winning NVMe composable storage infrastructure solution, which won “Best In Show” at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit. The multi-tenant nature of ADL provides enterprise customers with a high-perfomance “hot data lake” to applications sharing the same dataset, while decreasing the cost and compexity of the associated hardware. The Attala Systems ADL software module is being introduced at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit. The module is available for evaluation by select customers and partners, and will be generally available (GA) in calendar Q4 of 2018.

Data lakes are one of the latest enterprise storage concepts for analytics, and enable the management of enterprise data as a resource, not just the contents of corporate storage silos. However, demand for common data by multiple real-time applications can impact the availability of this data. The alternative typically utilized is local “hot data caches,” where each application instance has its own hot storage. While this approach increases performance, it can result in data consistency issues if the data sets are common across multiple applications. It also increases storage costs by duplicating hardware, as well as making the management of those datasets more complex. Enterprises need tools to enable the management of data as a shared resource that can be consumed across business units and applications having a need for real-time analytics.

“For many users, especially on Wall Street, faster analytics translates directly into real value,” said Howard Marks, founder and chief scientist at DeepStorage, LLC. “Users can, and have, installed NVMe SSDs directly into their compute nodes, but that increases costs and complexity. Attala Systems’ new multi-tenant hot data lake capability provides shared high-performance NVMe storage to real-time analytics applications, simplifying deployment and reducing costs.”

The Attala Systems multi-tenant ADL software module addresses this need by providing a high-performance storage pool that can be shared across applications and organizational boundaries, either as a “hot cache” or as a full-fledged enterprise data lake. ADL also provides for centralized management and provisioning of the hot data lake, reducing operational complexity and expenses. This approach eliminates potential data consistency issues that can occur when multiple local storage caches are utilized for multiple applications with shared data. The result is a low-cost, high-performance solution for real-time analytic applications.

“It has become imperative for enterprises to view and manage critical company data as a high-value enterprise resource,” said Taufik Ma, CEO of Attala Systems. “ADL’s multi-tenant ‘hot data lake’ capability means that applications can share high-performance storage for real-time analytics, without the increased storage costs, management headaches, or potential data consistency issues of local data caches for each application. We look forward to providing this breakthrough capability to the customers of the Attala Systems composable storage infrastructure products.”

Attala Systems will be exhibiting their products at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit (FMS; at Booth 848. FMS 2018 is being hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA from August 7th to August 9th, 2018.

About Attala Systems

Founded in 2015 with offices in San Jose, California, Attala Systems is an early-stage technology company focused on the design and development of a new generation of storage and networking infrastructure based on the use of FPGAs and cloud-focused self-learning orchestration and provisioning software. By freeing storage architectures from the multiple levels of abstraction inherent in enterprise-based storage systems, Attala significantly improves system performance reduces operational costs for cloud storage providers and those with a need for high-performance, low latency storage systems.

Source: Attala Systems

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