Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, October 18, 2021

Arm’s IoT Data Management Push Eyes Hybrid Cloud 

Arm Ltd. is adding data management to its Internet of Things device and connectivity frameworks with the launch of a platform geared to hybrid infrastructure.

The Pelion “device-to-data” IoT platform also targets hybrid infrastructure as enterprises confront IoT complexity, device “fragmentation” and the need for data management as they combine raw sensor, enterprise and industrial data into trillions of data streams. “Device and operational complexity are the greatest inhibitors to IoT scaling,” Dipesh Patel, president of Arm’s IoT Services Group, said last week during a company briefing.

The data management services announced this week would help ingest and prepare IoT data for analysis, generating what the company called a “supply of usable IoT data.” The “horizontal” platform is billed as managing myriad IoT devices and networking schemes along with external sensor and internal customer data. These data sets could then be linked to public or private clouds along with on-premises infrastructure.

That approach, Arm said, differs from “vertical” IoT platforms focused on specific classes of devices that connect users to a specific cloud. By contrast, Arm said its approach ties any device or data type to a preferred cloud. The hybrid infrastructure approach is designed to handle the growing diversity of IoT devices and data, Patel said.

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