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Microservices Get Agile With Integration Platform 

As enterprises shift from the “waterfall” software development model to agile microservices architectures, integrators are offering new frameworks for easing the transition. Among them is WSO2, the open source integration vendor that this week released the latest version of its platform designed to hasten the implementation of microservices used to roll out distributed applications.

On the premise that microservices integration must be integral—rather than an adjunct—to application development, the company said Monday (July 16) its latest platform release takes an “integration agile” approach to implementing microservices. The upgraded open-source, cloud-native framework also includes that ability to analyze distributed, lightweight microservices that are moving front and center in many digital enterprises.

Among the upgrades in the latest release is an API “micro-gateway” designed to eliminate the need for a central gateway frequently used to apply API management policies. The application interface tool can be used alternatively as a dedicated proxy for a microservice or as an “API hub” serving as a proxy for one or more microservices, the company said.

Meanwhile, a real-time microservices analytics capability based on a WSO2 stream processor. The runtime uses Apache Kafka stream processing and application container orchestrators such as Kubernetes to handle distributed deployments.  The summer 2018 release also supports message tracing across microservices as a way of gauging application delivery performance.

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