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Splice Machine’s Data Platform for Intelligent Applications Now Available on Microsoft Azure 

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 11, 2018 -- Splice Machine today announced the public release of its intelligent application platform on the Microsoft Azure cloud service.  This gives Splice Machine's customers another way to use the data platform while having the independence to deploy on premise, on Amazon Web Services, and now, on Azure. With Splice Machine, companies can develop and deploy smarter, predictive applications designed to integrate fast data streaming, transactional workloads, analytics and machine learning, enabling business transformation at performance, scale and an affordable price point.

The Splice Machine data platform enables customers to build and deploy predictive applications on a more simple architecture, requiring fewer infrastructure engineers to duct tape compute engines together and requires much less data movement so that analysis and machine learning is up-to-date. Unlike most data platforms, Splice Machine is a scale-out SQL data platform that can run fast OLTP and in-memory OLAP on the same platform, along with machine learning and streaming.

"We are excited to have the Splice Machine intelligent application platform now available on Microsoft Azure," said Jim Brisimitzis, GM, U.S. Startups at Microsoft. "For today's modern applications that need to make decisions in the moment based on data created just moments ago, Splice Machine offers an easy-to-use and powerful scale-out SQL RDBMS, data warehouse & machine learning platform in one that can be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud service."

"We fiercely believe in cloud independence and want to give our customers more choice in how they run their mission-critical applications," said Monte Zweben, CEO, Splice Machine. "Splice Machine replaces or offloads traditional and cloud-based RDBMS and Data Warehouse solutions, simplifying architecture, reducing cost, and improving scalability and performance. Now, we have given customers the choice to deploy their applications on Splice Machine as a fully managed cloud service on Azure, AWS, or on premise using affordable Hadoop clusters, but without the complexity of operating Hadoop."

Splice Machine also allows companies to easily migrate on-premise relational database management system (RDBMS) applications at great scale to the cloud as a full ANSI SQL RDBMS and Data Warehouse in one. Customers already realize single record lookups and updates in a few milliseconds at petabyte scale. Additionally, Splice Machine's analytical capabilities enable extreme analytical concurrency, even at billions of records, with standard connectivity to BI tools such as Tableau and MicroStrategy.

To learn more about the Splice Machine intelligent application platform, visit or get started on Microsoft Azure.

About Splice Machine

Splice Machine is a new data platform for digital transformation. Unlike other Big Data platforms that provide offline, batch analysis, Splice Machine powers intelligent applications that are woven into the operational workflows of companies. It is a scale-out SQL RDBMS, data warehouse and machine learning platform in one. Splice Machine is open source and is built upon the popular Apache Hadoop, HBase, and Spark distributed platforms. Companies in financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and logistics deploy Splice Machine to improve their operational efficiency, eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver superior service. The Splice Machine database can be deployed on-premise or as a fully-managed cloud service.

Source: Splice Machine

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