Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, September 23, 2023

Google, Atos Partner on Cloud Machine Learning 

Google continues to add regional cloud partners as it seeks to differentiate its public cloud offerings while distributing its machine learning building blocks.

Atos, the French big data platform and server vendor, announced a partnership with Google Cloud this week addressing secure hybrid cloud, data analytics and machine learning along with “digital workplace” initiatives. The partnership makes Google an Atos “preferred” cloud partner, the companies said Tuesday (April 24).

Atos (EPA: ATO) said it would establish three machine learning and AI labs in France, U.K. and the U.S. that will use Google’s training expertise to develop new machine learning models and applications. “Together, we will enable fast and smooth adoption of AI for enterprises,” said Thierry Breton, chairman and CEO of Atos, Bezons, France. “With this partnership, Atos becomes the ‘last mile’ of the digital information chain.”

The cloud analytics initiative includes development of a new Atos machine learning capability that will use Google Cloud’s APIs for new AI applications. The partnership reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to differentiate its cloud offerings, including its BigQuery enterprise data warehouse for analytics, from public cloud rivals Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Microsoft Azure (NASDAQ: MSFT).

The Atos deal and others seek to boost uptake of Google’s cloud-based tools designed to roll out machine learning models for big data applications like customer personalization. Along with data analytics, Google is touting its cloud machine learning tools as a way for enterprises to accelerate training and deployment of models into production.

The cloud deal also is expected to lead to establishment of new “innovation centers” to be used by current Atos customers. Breton also noted that Atos’ integration capabilities would help Google’s European customers comply with global data government rules, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation that enters into force on May 25. The collaboration also will help Atos expand its “orchestrated” hybrid cloud platform that will leverage Google Cloud’s scaling and security features. The combination would increase hybrid cloud availability across different regions while boosting “data localization,” they added.

“The Atos platform will support clients in meeting access and control requirements that European and global regulations demand,” the partners said.

Atos added that it would also adopt application container tools such as the Google-developed Kubernetes cluster orchestrator that is widely used to deliver cloud-native applications and other micro-services.

The cloud partnership with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) extends the French technology vendor’s partnerships with U.S. companies. Last August, Altos struck a reseller deal with Dell EMC to offer it high-end Bullion servers increasingly used in data analytics applications.

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