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GitLab, Google Team to Automate Kubernetes Deployment 

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GitLab, the open-source DevOps platform, is collaborating with Google Cloud to assist developers struggling to deploy the popular but complex Kubernetes cluster orchestrator.

GitLab said this week it will offer native integration of it code collaboration platform with the Google Kubernetes Engine. The integration is designed to ease deployment of Kubernetes clusters, enabling DevOps teams to spin up a cluster to deploy application containers in a few clicks.

The integration also would provide software development teams struggling to adopt cloud-native micro-services a new automation tool as they increasingly turn to Kubernetes for container orchestration. The resulting clusters would then be managed and run on Google Cloud Platform, the partners said Thursday (April 5).

Prior to it collaboration with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), San Francisco-based GitLab said DevOps teams were largely on their own in figuring out how to use Kubernetes for managing their own clusters. The integration allows users to set up a managed deployment framework on the Google cloud using its automation tools, added GitLab CEO and co-founder Sid Sijbrandij.

The collaboration tools automatically configure so-called continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines used to build, test and deploy application code. The feature previously worked with Kubernetes as well as bare metal and cloud environments. Integration with the Google Kubernetes Engine automates both setup and configuration of Kubernetes clusters, the partners said, with the goal of scaling application deployment.

The “collaboration with GitLab unlocks accelerated DevOps for containerized applications at scale," said William Denniss, Kubernetes product manager at Google.

GitLab’s collaboration tools are part of a growing DevOps trend toward automated services designed to free developers from managing IT infrastructure so they can focus on building applications delivered via micro-services.

The Kubernetes integration is included GitLab 10.6, which was released in March. Deployment details are here.


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