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A3Cube Partners with Edgeware Computing to Increase Sales of Supercomputing Solutions for the Enterprise 

A3Cube is the inventor and maker of the Kira Family of enterprise supercomputers, powered by the Fortissimo Foundation system, to produce a high-performance data platform using standard hardware and processors that plugs quickly into current architectures. A3Cube’s approach solves file-management, storage, memory-usage, latency, and processor-sharing challenges other systems have not mastered. Independent testing shows increased application and network speeds of several factors.

“We are very pleased to plug our solutions into the professional networks of EdgeWare Computing,” said Emilio Billi, CTO and inventor of all A3Cube’s technology, just named Rising Entrepreneur of the Year by Technology Headlines. “Their ability to discover, design, and deploy ground-breaking solutions to meet some of the world’s most complex technology challenges is a perfect match for our High Performance Data systems.”

“A3Cube provides the type of game-changing technology we bring to our customers,” said EdgeWare Computing co-founder Greg Powers. “With big-data, security, AI, analytics, edge, and streaming workflow needs increasing at logarithmic speed, we can no longer rely on the geometric increases embodied in Moore’s Law.”

“We’ve entered the Age of Exascale Computing,” added EdgeWare Computing co-founder Eliot Bergson, “and A3Cube and EdgeWare help companies use data as jet fuel today.”

About A3Cube

A3Cube, based in San Jose, Calif., pioneers the transformation from High Performance Computing into High Performance Data. It brings the Emilio Billi’s experience of more than 20 years in developing supercomputers systems in conjunction with a team of veteran hardware and software engineers focused on delivering innovative products that integrate diverse technologies into a unified architecture. A3Cube’s integrated ultra-computing portfolio consists of different product lines: HPC supercomputers, Data Analytics solutions, and AI specialized supercomputers. For more information, visit

About EdgeWare Computing

EdgeWare Computing, based in New York, Los Angeles, and Ames, Iowa, brings almost 100 years of collective business experience to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies in security, aerospace, technology, healthcare, finance, and other industries. They specialize in delivering solutions that every CEO, CTO, and CIO needs to increase revenue and constantly improve their business. Fore more information, visit

Source: A3Cube; EdgeWare Computing

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