Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Latest NVM Express Spec Stresses Data 


The latest release of a non-volatile memory interface and storage protocol emphasizes the enterprise shift to analytics, virtualization and other data-intensive workloads while riding the coat tails of the robust solid-state storage sector.

NVM Express 1.3 unveiled this week adds new virtualization and "streams" features along with a "native" capability for erasing data from a solid-state drive, creating options for reuse or decommissioning. "The NVM Express working group is laser-focused on the specification’s continued evolution to address the dynamic workloads and scenarios that NVMe serves," Amber Huffman, president of NVM Express, noted in a statement releasing the new spec this week.

Along with enterprise and cloud applications, mobile platforms increasingly used to access distributed applications also are supported by the latest interface spec. The group said version 1.3 enables "bootstrapping" of an SSD "in a low resource environment" while maintaining low latency and expected performance.

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