Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, September 23, 2023

Datadog Extends App Monitoring Tool 

As more enterprise data, applications and other workloads shift to the cloud, vendors of cloud monitoring services are expanding their offerings to help DevOps teams troubleshoot issues related to distributed applications running on hybrid clouds, application containers and other micro-services.

The latest comes from Datadog, a provider of monitoring services for cloud applications. The New York-based vendor released a new extension to its application performance-monitoring platform that seeks to go beyond code monitoring to include tracking changes in infrastructure metrics.

With more distributed applications running on hybrid clouds, the company argues that DevOps teams need the ability to simultaneously track changes in infrastructure and code. Among the use cases are diagnosing outages and optimizing application performance.

The company points to market analyses that emphasize the impact of containers and micro-services as well as other software-defined infrastructure and the stresses those components place on current monitoring tools for cloud-based applications.

For example, the vendor argues that existing monitoring tools are unable to keep up with proliferating micro-services used to distribute applications. One reason is that they lack the ability to collect performance data on thousands of containers at the frequency required by DevOps teams.

While tracking infrastructure and code simultaneously, the Datadog application monitor also aggregates and tags performance data on the code-level performance of micro-services, applications containers and "ephemeral hosts."

Datadog said its application performance-monitoring tool is currently in beta testing with selected customers. Pricing was unavailable.

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