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SGI, Oracle Partnership Bears In-Memory Fruit 

(Source: SGI)

At Oracle PartnerNetwork, SGI this morning revealed the SGI UVTM 300RL, a high performance SGI UV server line for Oracle Linux, designed to allow enterprises using Intel-based servers to operate Oracle Database in-memory on one system, using up to 32 sockets and 24 terabytes of shared memory.

The server uses a scale-up, single system design and ultra-low latency to mix transactional and analytic workloads while simultaneously attaining high performance for mission-critical applications, according to SGI. The server leverages Oracle's dual-format architecture at HPC scale so enterprises can make faster decisions through greater use of expanded real-time analytics' data, the developer said. Because it uses in-memory, the UV 300RL provides data and insight faster than disk-based clustered systems – and also is less expensive to buy, operate, and maintain, said SGI.

As a result, organizations can attain real-time insight and faster data analytics, according to SGI, which partnered closely with Oracle to develop the server, according to Brian Freed, vice president and general manager for SGI's High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) business unit.

"As SGI made the evolution to a greater pursuit of enterprise customers and workloads, we really to a large extent had to develop new channel relationships. If you think of where we've been focused in the HPC world for the past decade – a channel that's been very adept at the HPC world, very large clusters – it's not the traditional profile of a partner that can integrate an Oracle database," he said. "We have been building out a new base of customers. We have developing many good partnerships besides Dell who can take this to market. I think the biggest challenges are going to be market awareness. We don't have a large installed base of Oracle customers we're selling into, so this is very much a green field opportunity. That's always challenging. Some of our key partners will be a big help. What's surprising in this relationship, Oracle themselves have been a fantastic partner. If you'd asked me six months ago, I'd have said market awareness is our first problem. Our second challenge is working with Oracle."

The partnership went very smoothly, Freed said, and now the UVTM 300RL is available, effective today, the company expects horizontal applications to follow.

Specs and Speeds

(Source: SGI)

(Source: SGI)

The UV 300RL uses up to 18 cores of Intel Xeon E7 v3 processors in its advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system, plus seventh-generation SGI NUMAlink technology. Designed to easily scale from 4 to 32 sockets and 1 to 24 TBs, enterprises can grow the system as their needs change, SGI said. It comes factory installed with Oracle Linux 7 and SGI professional services provides rapid deployment amenities. In addition, the UV 300RL can be simply connected to enterprise storage, Oracle Database 12c, and Oracle Database In-Memory, said SGI.

It weighs 136 pounds, and is supported for configurations up to 32 sockets in a standard 19-inch rack.


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