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StackStorm Wins Over Netflix with Enterprise Edition 

The Flow utility in StackStorm Enterprise 1.0

At the Cassandra Summit today, StackStorm unveiled an enterprise edition of its event-driven automation software, already in use by Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX).

The on-demand provider of video content is using StackStorm Enterprise Edition 1 release candidate for auto-remediation of its Cassandra environment, said Evan Powell, CEO and co-founder of StackStorm in an interview. Netflix, which has thousands of nodes, wanted to further augment its DevOps organization by automating remediation, eliminating the risk of omission and improving productivity, and the ability to provide this as a service throughout the organization, he said.

"Netflix is pretty highly automated on things like deployment or basic configuration management and so forth," said Powell. "In their case, what they're looking at is Day Two auto remediation. There is a provisioning aspect to what we do. They had started down the path of writing open remediation for Cassandra, but more generally. That's a pattern we have seen, this kind of remediation or automation being run as a service."

The latest iteration of StackStorm includes Flow, a utility designed to integrate with StackStorm that enables Enterprise Edition users to visually design and control all their automation. The utility treats infrastructure as code, allowing DevOps to update real-time changes to automation as code as they drag and drop objects, Powell said.

Both versions – the community-based and Enterprise – feature ChatOps, which allows team members to communicate from action and workflow executions. The tool supports Slack, HipChat, IRC, XMPP, and IRC, among others. StackStorm plans to add Lita and Err support in the future, the developer said.

"We don't mandate the use of ChatOps but we find it to be highly correlated with highly agile operations," said Powell.

In addition, StackStorm Enterprise includes 24x7 or 9x5 support, LDAP integration, and role-based access controls. Pricing starts at $500.

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