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With its release of the Predictive Cloud, hopes to expand beyond its traditional sales market into numerous horizontal and vertical areas that increasingly demand big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to fuel growth and revenue.

The platform leverages's Neuralytics self-learning predictive engine to analyze intelligence from more than 100 billion data points, ranging from weather and gas prices to sports and sales data. This anonymized sales data, which is expanded through the real-time addition of enterprise clients' new sales data, allows businesses to become more efficient and effective and enables developers – both independent and enterprise – that want to add predictive analytics to their applications, said Mick Hollison, chief marketing officer at, in an interview.

"We're going to make it available not just to companies that want to use predictive capabilities, but also ISVs and application developers that want to, if you'll excuse the term, 'predictify' their application set," he said.

To date, developed three ways organizations can use the Predictive Cloud but expects more to develop when the platform gains general availability in the first half of 2016, Hollison said.

Via the Predictive Cloud Open API, expects ISVs will add predictive functionality into their own applications. Companies also can leverage the platform to deliver predictive as a service, and already thousands of customers use Predictive Cloud to speed up sales through's Sales Acceleration apps for sales communications, predictive forecasting, sales gamification, sales hiring, email and web tracking, and lead and opportunity scoring, according to

CloudBilt MapAnything

CloudBilt MapAnything

For example, partner CloudBilt added Predictive Cloud capabilities to MapAnything, its sales productivity application for Salesforce. Because both apps are native Salesforce programs, integration was "pretty straightforward," CloudBilt founder and CEO John Stewart told EnterpriseTech. Based on Salesforce, demographic, heuristic, and other data, MapAnything takes sales leads' analytics-based scores and shows them as red, amber, or green, allowing sales reps to efficiently and effectively plan their routes and schedules based on those customers or prospects most likely to purchase, he said.

"The simpler you can make it for the end user in the field, the better adoption rate you'll have. They don't need to understand what goes into making that dot green…" said Stewart. "You've got to be an MBA to use half these tools. This is often the first sales gig someone will ever do. Three weeks of training and they send them off in the world. If you can take something as powerful as analytics and drill it down to something as green, yellow, red, you're going to get something powerful for your investment."

Other ISV partners include Eventboard and Dynamic Signal.

Currently, has about 100 million anonymized profiles of business-to-business buyers in the United States, said Hollison. This crowd-based approach to data provides the company with a rich pool of data that enables its platform to make more accurate predictive analytics, he said.

"We think the applications are huge but it's early and sales is probably the first really big frontier. Beyond sales we think it's going to take off in every industry space," Hollison said. "I believe continuously replenished and self-learning data sets are more important than the algorithms themselves."

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