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Fujitsu Launches Interstage Information Integrator Enterprise Edition V11 

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability in Japan of FUJITSU Software Interstage Information Integrator Enterprise Edition V11, the latest edition of its data aggregation and transformation software that can rapidly process and integrate various company data. The software is also scheduled to be released outside Japan.

Interstage Information Integrator Enterprise Edition V11 aggregates and transforms the latest data from business operations as real-time operational intelligence. For example, this includes forecast-based sales promotion and inventory accommodation between stores, in addition to accumulated data, such as daily, weekly or monthly sales information, as well as tendency analysis and strategy planning.

Rapid aggregation and transformation of large volumes of data is the key for sophisticated analytics. For example, a retail company can execute finely tuned sales promotions based on changing demands by cutting by one-tenth the processing time needed to analyze sales data for roughly 200,000 items, even while the number of stores goes from 500 in a specified area to ten times that nationwide.

The new edition of Fujitsu's data aggregation and transformation software bolsters the company's product line by incorporating Syncsort's high-speed data transformation technology DMExpress, which is already being used by more than 4,000 companies in 68 countries, including one of the world's largest consumer credit companies, into Fujitsu's high-speed data transfer technology.

In recent years, enterprise information systems have become increasingly complex due to business mergers and partner alliances. The volumes and diversity of data collected from business systems for analysis are also constantly increasing. By having data analysis results reflect business activities in a short period of time, companies are beginning to leverage the latest information in the workplace with the aim of offering new services or increasing the value of their products.

By integrating Fujitsu's innovative high-speed data aggregation technology, provided as Standard Edition, and DMExpress' high-speed data transformation technology, Fujitsu supports customers with the best use of operational intelligence, aggregating large volumes of data rapidly, even from remote sites or sites with low-quality data connections, and processing the key business data in combination with other data sources with high-speed.

The new software solution is a part of the FUJITSU Big Data Initiative, which combines Fujitsu's leading-edge technology and advanced data processing capabilities to create new value from data and help drive innovations for customers and society.

Product Features 

1. ETL software integrated into world's fastest data transformation engine and high-speed data transfer technology

For the best use of their various enterprise data located internally or externally, the importance of advanced analytics with accumulated analytics know-how as well as analytics with latest data in larger volume is increasing. When data warehouse and business intelligence (BI)/business analytics (BA) tools are used to put data to use, the requirements of predicting new data and forecasting automated monitoring become increasingly sophisticated.

Interstage Information Integrator Enterprise Edition V11 is the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) software, integrating the innovative high-speed data transfer of Standard Edition and the high-speed data transformation engine of DMExpress. The software rapidly transfers and transforms the latest large volumes of data required in real time operational intelligence. Complex markets and changes in inventory status can be accurately identified from the data, which can lead decisive action in the field.

For example, a major retailer processes a sales viability analysis simulation for all of its stores in Japan that included the transfer and transformation of 24 million POS data, equivalent to 12GB of data. Using the software, the processing only takes one-ninth the time (4 hours and 25 minutes reduced to 31 minutes) of earlier editions of the company's software. As a result, the company can monitor the items that sell well, which changes moment to moment, on a nationwide scale, making it possible to develop sales strategies for specific regions, stores, products, and even timeframes that take into account weather changes, traffic conditions and other factors.

2. Rich compatibility features of an open interface

The product is highly compatible, including with over 12 databases and data warehouses such as Fujitsu Software Symfoware Server, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase IQ, data warehouses, as well as SAP or other enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages. With GUI-based design, companies can build data usage platforms without impacting their existing business systems.

This allows businesses to employ their data in a variety of sophisticated applications, from specialized analyses using business intelligence tools such as Fujitsu Software Interstage Business Analytics Modeling Server, to improving the visibility of information in on-site tasks via smart devices. The ideal system for a customer's business can be created as an ecosystem that combines software leveraging big data, and compatibility with products of Fujitsu's partners and open-source software such as PostgreSQL.

3. Efficiently leverages the performance of all kinds of hardware, from entry servers to high-end servers

In order to maximize performance, the software adapts to the hardware platforms it is running on, whether it is entry-level servers or high-end models, on-premise or cloud. It automatically calculates the optimum allocation of usable hardware resources as well as the input data format, and it optimizes the execution of parallel processing on multiple cores. Enterprise Edition executes more effectively than the Standard Edition, with an increase of core performance of 170% and increased disk access is cut by a tenth. No complicated tuning is needed when adding hardware resources to handle growing volumes and types of data.

The software can be combined with advanced platforms such as the UNIX server Fujitsu M10 that take advantage of System on Chip and other high-density mounting technologies in which the proximity between CPUs and memory enables high memory access performance and the public cloud service "FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5." As a result, the software can fully exploit the processing performance gained from high-speed access to massive volumes of memory.

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