Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Early Adopter Program for Autosense 1.0 Announced 

InferX Corporation and Funding Profiles announced the early adopter program for Autosense 1.0, a new predictive analytics product to provide Fortune 500 firms with a powerful new tool to improve performance and minimize risk. The Autosense 1.0 product integrates InferX's proprietary real time predictive analytics technology with Funding Profiles' powerful analytic and financial visualization tools, primarily targeting financial planning and analysis staff in Fortune 500 organizations. The emerging product enables companies to assess how well a client's strategic plan relates to the client's revenue segments, global costs, product segmentation, market sectors, target global markets, technology stratification, and other specialized risk factors based on individual client profiles and needs.

The initial Autosense 1.0 beta release will be demonstrated at an upcoming Funding Profiles Product Advisory Council with key finance executives in Santa Clara, CA on October 15, 2013 to secure feedback for continued product development. A commercial product launch is planned in mid-2014.

The ability to improve predictions in sales forecasts across thousands of global products, assess budget impact due to external regional market factors worldwide, and optimize program portfolios based on risk-adjusted business metrics are among the many new powerful capabilities offered to management with easy-to-use visualization tools. The product also integrates updated financial and performance data, "learns" based on actual performance, and optimizes business rules and metrics based on actual performance.